Aranuth Speaks: Divine Order; April 2022

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G’day dear souls all across the world: There is no doubting that our world is seemingly in dire straits with the shocking war in Ukraine. I think back a couple of months ago when my Aranuth guidance advised – and I released to followers – that there would be”an event that would resonate in every capital city in every nation all around the globe”. At the time guidance did not elaborate however, then in the early days of April, it all became clear with the discovery that with the retreat of Russian troops it was revealed that the Russian soldiers had brutally raped women and girls, murdered, massacred, maybe thousands of citizens, along with the mass destruction of homes and various buildings. We watched, stunned, sickened, the horrifying vision on our screens and read sickening stories of mass graves filled with men, women, and children left behind and covered up by the departing troops marking the sheer brutality of the unbridled power push by a megalomaniac described as a war criminal. Genocide most sickening! The reporting and vision of these atrocities are gut-wrenching. In fact the UN has now identified in excess of 600 alleged war criminals. Whether or not they be called to account at a future date for their actions is another thing.

Before we form harsh opinions and call for suitably brutal retaliation, it would be wise to remember not to judge! Higher evolved beings of Love and Light from Spiritual, Galactic, and unidentified other realms have warned us against standing in judgement, baying for blood retaliation, instead simply constantly sending massive amounts of Love, Light, Compassion, and Healing to those millions of suffering souls. All is in Divine Order! The old repressive and controlling paradigm has to be broken down before a new reality can be installed. Yes, yes, I too often wonder about the pain and suffering inflicted upon billions of souls incarnate however we must trust that it is working out according to the Divine Grand Plan.

Again, I recommend that souls everywhere, either solo or in groups, meditate often and send healing energy out to these war torn countries and the people facing homelessness, deprivation, and starvation. Without judgement! I wonder why obscenely wealthy religious organisations are not opening up their coffers and sending millions of dollars in food, medical assistance, and re-housing these poor souls instead of voicing concerns, tut, tutting, without backing it up with compassionate actions. Maybe they are not as sensitive and compassionate as I am?

Meanwhile, here in Australia thousands of dear souls are battling the effects of incredible and totally unexpected extreme rainfall and the resultant flooding that is almost decimating many communities. Several riverside towns/communities/ low lying suburbs have been advised to lift and shift the entire town to higher ground because the flood events will most certainly happen again when such adverse conditions reappear as they surely will. Here in North Queensland we are regularly on alert for cyclonic conditions.

I note that there are still quite a few climate change deniers in our population. Aussies are well known for their selfless voluntary response to tragedies such as this; along with attending the devastating floods, bushfires, and cyclones etc, our volunteer fire fighters often saddle up, gear up, to go overseas to fight wild fires and assist with helping other communities affected by natural – and unnatural – tragedies to recover.

With an Australian federal election in the offing and electors voicing concern and lack of satisfaction with the governments handling and response to these adverse weather conditions, and the populace’s cry for help, it is so pleasing to observe the younger generation’s incisive questioning and understanding of several big issues affecting the planet such as the environment, global warming, and the negative affects of fossil fuels; plus the desire to throw off the yoke of control and dominance by their “past their use-by date Glitterati / Dark Cabal” Plenty of food for thought and consideration of unearthing the truth. “Lies can start wars; Truth can start world-wide peace”!

There are more than a few dear souls voicing their opinion and belief that war is not only being fought here on Terra Firma, but also on and around several planets, by the forces of Light and the Dark. As a running mate to these galactic clashes the galactic beings of Love and Light are also keeping a firm eye, a watchdog stance, on what is happening here on our planet of solid matter.

My Spiritual Advancement workshops are going ahead full steam: the next workshop planned for Innisfail in several weeks time is already fully subscribed; it is wonderful to see so many souls getting so much out of these workshops. I have been having discussions with tech savvy friends regarding the best and most beneficial way of putting these workshops on-line; we will work it out soon.

The Aranuth community of highly evolved beings have been rather quiet this past month with no call for me to channel a message .. the future is looking good though.

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Peace & Happiness,

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