Aranuth Speaks: Sound, Colour, Vibration: Port Douglas July ’22

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Aranuth Speaks: Sound, Colour, Vibration: Port Douglas July ’22


Hello once again dear souls everywhere: some time has passed since the guides have chosen to speak through me and the subject and information in the below listed message was well received by those who attended the session which was held in the beautiful seaside town of Port Douglas, North Qld. It truly was a pleasure to catch up with old friends, meet and make new friends, and develop new spiritual connections and relationships whilst conducting readings and healings.

Over the last few months there has been a mixed bag of energies cascading to Mother Earth; lunar and other cosmic changes, solar flares accompanied some very helpful, some quite challenging and perplexing events, however it is all in our perception of it and whether we see these ever-changing energies as a negative block or an opportunity to create and manifest something better. Of course there are also happenings with an underlying purposeful structure. As I am want to do, I am inclined to move “full steam ahead” when guidance is advising me to “slow down”. Well slowing down physically appeared in my life as a stumble and fall on the rain-soaked ground which resulted in a rather seriously dislocated shoulder … Hmmnn, yes, I have been slowed down! All is in Divine Order.

Right now is a time of choosing to move ahead, adopt a positive attitude, project Love and Light to “all that is” and rise up the consciousness scale, or choose to stay in our comfy jail (blind acceptance: don’t want to know or be confronted with truth) a prison of our own making. The time is upon us to play our part in dismantling the old oppressive and controlling paradigm and assist in constructing a new and enlightened world.

The video of this channelling will be posted on Aranuth Speaks Youtube within the next few days.


Good evening everyone. I am Isiah, at your service. I am so pleased to be with you here this evening and be the chosen mouth piece ha, ha, to bring you this message which we find will be of great benefit to you. We understand, we in the realms, my brothers, sisters, and myself understand that you may not ever have encountered information that I am about to impart. While it is not so much an education, it surely is knowledge. It is for your understanding. Now, what I wish to talk to you about is Sound. Yes sound.

Now, you incarnates on the third dimensional level understand what sound is because you hear it. You hear it as verbiage, you hear it as music, you hear it as noise, but possibly what you do not understand is what is it that creates sound? What creates sound? Interesting! Well let me enlighten you somewhat. You see, are you aware – and I feel that you are not – are you aware that sound is created by your thoughts, words, and actions … hmmnn? By your movement, by your speech, hmmmnn? What I wish to appraise you of is the fact that you are intelligent energy beings. Now you are not a vibration just floating around in a cosmic soup. You are colour beings. Colour.

You know that you have an Aura. Various colours emanate from your beingness, which for those who have the eyes to see Aura’s will understand that your immediate state of mind, your state of emotions, physical comfort or discomfort etc will ordain what colour you will radiate at any time or moment and also what combination of colours. So you can go through from the beautiful lights of joy and happiness to the dark, dark, shades of unhappiness, sadness, negativity; so your Aura, your Colour, is never stable. Never stable. Every time the energy within you fluctuates so too does the colours. Now if you choose to sing, sound has a colour. If you speak, sound has a colour. If you dance, movement has colour and sound. What I wish to make you aware of is simply this, If you wish to negotiate your pathway on this planet of solid matter, of third dimensional solid matter, it would be of great benefit to you to be aware that every thought, every word, every song, every deed, every moment, is a combination of colours and sounds.

Now, to negotiate your pathway in a peaceful manner it is beneficial for you to be very aware of the consequences of your thoughts, of your words, your deeds, your sounds; so what I wish to impart is the fact that when you sit still and quiet in your meditation state, the result is that you have a calm mind. That calm mind has a vibration, and the vibration is sound, and the sound is colour. So, if you wish to be calm, peaceful, and at one with “All That Is”, then you have to combine colour, sound, movement, word … are you getting it? Are you getting it?

When you sit in meditation and you clear away your worldly cares and woes you place yourself in a state of energy beingness, which is simply energy. And when you are in that calm, peaceful, tranquil state that is when the colour, the light, and the sound all come together. And the coming together of all of those, the combination of the coming together of all of those, puts in you in a level, an altered state, in an altered space where you can access higher realms. You can access knowledge, understanding, you can receive information, and you can receive guidance.

So, what I would recommend as you go about your daily life is keep your thoughts, your words, and your actions, keep them at the highest possible levels, which is your higher consciousness, higher values, higher ideals, because if you can take your thoughts, words, deeds, if you can take that up into the higher realms you get sweeter, you get a sweeter sound, and the sweeter sound produces softer colours. So you then place yourself in, shall we say a feathered bed space of beingness where nothing outside of your beingness can affect you.

Now, music, music is wonderful, so as you go about your day, play music, play soft, gentle music, the sound of nature, the sound of birds, the sound of waterfalls. Play that music because that music sets up a vibration around you that shall we say overwhelms you, draws you in, draws you in to a space so that you can forget the woes of the third dimensional world and access, go into, that pool of beautiful energy – beautiful, soft, gentle, peaceful, tranquil: Humans, you need to do that more often! Much more often! You incarnates need to do that at every opportunity. As I previously said, I bring you this knowledge, I bring you this information to assist you on your pathway. Now then, you can put yourself into that space, that beautiful, comfortable space, by playing music, by singing, by movement, dance – not wild dancing such as Adagio ha, ha, ha, – but gentle swaying, bodily rhythm.

Now, the energy that you are exuding is colour, and it has sound, and the sound is what transports you into a higher and finer dimension. You will have possibly read in your writings, your religious writings, where they talk about a technicolour overcoat . Well with technicolour overcoat, there are two aspects of that, so I would like to clearly define. Two aspects, I define. One aspect is your Aura. Now for those people who see Aura’s in the state of your energy beingness; equanimity, or anger and frustration, will show as an Aura around you like a coat of many colours, and according your vibration. According to the vibration that you are exuding the colours will change. Now, the colours have sound. So if you can always stay in the calm, peaceful, loving space, your colours will be soft, gentle pastel, and then in comes peace. In comes peace and you are moving to the realm commensurate with those gentle colours that support you nicely, and gently, that holds you like a baby, like a child. Holds you in Mother’s arms and makes everything right with your world. That is your Aura. Now your Aura, as I said, changes, with your mood, your actions, it changes with your thoughts, it changes constantly. Those people who have the ability to see the Aura will see it around you like coloured clothing, see it like an overcoat.

Now, that is one aspect. Now a different, a very different aspect, is your coat of experiences, lessons, how you cope, what you have achieved, where you struggle, believe me, every single thing, every single thing in your life, everything; every thought, word, deed, whatever, is recorded as colour. In the realms, in the realms, are you aware that we from the higher vibrations look at you incarnate or discarnate and it does not matter to us, we look at you and we see your colours. Not your Aura, it is fleeting. We see your colours. One glance, one glance tells us precisely, exactly who and what you really are. It tells us all of the deeds, the actions, the thoughts, the emotions, from this and every other incarnation that you have had, everything is imprinted on your coat. So from where we are, we can look at your coat, your technicolour, your kaleidescope, coat and we see that you have had trials, tribulations, upset relations, depression, by the colours of your coat. We also see the joyful, exciting, peaceful, uplifting experiences; spaces where you have experienced total love and light. Now the combination of those blending colours immediately show us where you are on the scale. On the consciousness scale, on the awareness scale. One glance and we can tell whether you are a new soul starting out, or a soul who has had several or many incarnations. A soul that has incarnations that has had wildly, wildly changing, emotions, lessons, experiences, and we can also see it clearly whether you are an exalted being, a risen being because you have that colour combination on your coat. Your every thought, your every word, your every deed, the reactions, every experiences, every lesson, every single thing that you have encountered on your pathway and your reaction to it, how you handled it, your response, is a blend of colours … and that is your coat! As I said, in the realms, one glance tells us everything. Your whole story is like we see the picture of your colours and the picture contains all of that information. All of it. And we know it. And we understand it. And we honour you for it because you see, in the realms, we don’t have criticism or judgement. Yes we have humour, we have laughter, we do not have judgement, we do not have criticism, we simply observe. We watch, we observe, how you are negotiating your path.

Now, also in the realms, we have the ability to step in and assist you. Guidance. Guidance from beings, entities, an enormous number of them, and they are there, they are aware, they are aware of what you are facing on your pathway and we step in to assist, help, point the way, give you direction. We cannot do it for you. It’s your incarnation, it’s your pathway. It’s your experience. Your lesson. It is what you have chosen and we will not interfere with your choice of pathway. We do not have a “tin ear “as you say. We hear, we hear you. We like to hear from you. We like to hear you say “can you help me please”. “Can you point me in the right direction”. “Can you send healing energy for me or for somebody else”. We like to hear you ask. We want to hear your prayer requests.

I would like to point out at this time that if you do not ask how can we help? You didn’t ask? If you are asking, what are you asking for? Be very clear. Be very, very, clear. You will have heard numerous times, people say “dot” the “I’s”. Well tell us how you are doing, what you are feeling. How you are handling the difficulties or the joys on your pathway. We want to hear that because in the realms, we who are in the guidance realms, want to be able to help. That is why we are in the guidance realms to give you guidance and information without transgressing your chosen pathway of experiences and lessons. We love to hear from you. We love it when you put on some gentle music, sit quiet, and call to us and say “I’m having a wonderful day”. We love to hear that. You can call to us if you are experiencing difficulties. “Can you radiate some information, some assistance, some help” you ask, and we will. Without even asking your primary guidance, primary guidance sees and hears where you are at on your pathway. We look for the colour and sound and we know exactly what is going on. We like you to talk to us certainly, however you do not have to pretend for one moment that you are on your death bed, that you cannot hear and you cannot speak … but still you can think. You can think and you can send the thought out “Can I have some assistance and help please”?. And we respond. Every time! Every time!

If you need assistance, you can ask or you can think and we will respond every time. The response will be timely. The response, our response, will not be according to your time scale, your clock, calendar, or diary. It doesn’t work that way. You ask, we supply at the correct time. When it is most appropriate. So, our response may take the form of immediate in your time, next week, next month, or it could take a year. You have to reach, attain, a certain point on the pathway before we can step in and assist you. It is your lesson, your pathway, you chose the experience, your lessons. However that in no way prevents you from asking, creating, or manifesting what you desire.

So what I am here to talk to you about is Colour, Light, and Sound. I thoroughly recommend that you combine them in every possible instance. We realise you cannot do it in its entirety all of the time, we can encourage you to spend the time in Peace, in Quiet, with music, dance, do all of those things, have all of the actions, all the words, the thoughts, the emotions of beauty, colour, light, sight, sound, that is creating your coat of many colours. So I sincerely hope that our few words this evening has been of assistance to you. It is our hope, our desire that you reflect upon what I have just spoken about . It is your choice whether you want to accept, believe, or not. Your choice. Not ours. We put the information out there for you. What you do with it is your concern. Hmm … And so dear ones I would like to say to you God Bless you. You are doing so much better than you know. Just by being here this evening, blending your energies in this group indicate to us and indicate to you that you are doing very well indeed. You are on the pathway and we hope that our words, our information, will assist you to walk in peace, in love, and light. And so thank you very much dear ones. Good evening.

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Peace & Happiness, Many Blessings, Malcolm.

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