Aranuth Speaks: Java Disaster

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It has been awhile since my last post simply because my fast-typing friend has relocated to a southern city leaving me without an efficient typist: I’ll rectify that in coming weeks. Someone local will come forward and offer assistance.

One of my recently received Messages / Guidance predictions (see Malcolm the Medium facebook page) has eventuated with devastating results.

Several weeks ago Aranuth predicted / warned that a devastating earthquake affecting Indonesia was imminent. Of course there is no way of preventing such disasters ; it has to happen! It will happen again in the Pacific Rim area ( a watch is also being held on as-yet undefined parts of the US.) It is part and parcel of Aranuth’s predictions from many years ago of “natural and man-made disasters” in coming years. (It will continue until approximately the year 2050 with the year 2030 being especially active)

It is all part of removing the old negative paradigm of war, greed, control, oppression, population subjugation, etc and installing a new paradigm of love and light; it is going to happen – one that will endure for eons of time – a wondrous world that we can leave to our children and grandchildren. Of course there is a lot more to it than what I can document here however I will post future predictions if there is any chance that we can reduce the impact of such events not only affecting Australia and our neighbour New Zealand, but the whole world.

Sharing these predictions / warnings does not give me pleasure other than raising my hopes that the population of the world may sit up, take notice, and possibly start making changes to their way of life; changes to protect and preserve vital ongoing evolution.

Controversially? Beings from other realities and star systems especially Sirius, Pleiadies, Arcturus, and one other – who do not wish to be identified as yet – have been drawing near and keeping a close eye on earth evolution: perhaps the majority of humanity are unaware of the help that we have been receiving over the years from these beings from “other dimensions”.

To keep abreast of messages from higher evolved beings until a new typist appears visit my Aranuth Speaks Youtube site ( the recent videoed message from Port Douglas is interesting) and /or Malcolm the Medium facebook page.

Rainbows & Roses,

Peace & Happiness,

Love & Light.


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