Aranuth Speaks June ’19 “Wake Up Call”.

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Here we are again, so soon after the regular monthly message, with another channelled message, this time at the high-energy Yurt, “Enuma Elish”, Ravenshoe 29/6/19. Even though it is still cool, wet, and breezy here on the Atherton Tablelands, inside the yurt the firebox was welcoming and radiating lovely warmth keeping everyone at the channelling / Q & A session cosy and comfortable. It is always a high energy healing atmosphere in the Enuma Elish yurt. I for one dozed off for a few minutes during the sound healing meditation. It was that warm and snug.

One attendee later stated that she had seen disembodied spirits, entities, apparently from many other dimensions continually coming, going and moving through the yurt. Apparently, the energy of the yurt attracts these entities quite often.

As well as visits and events at Enuma Elish, I will be holding talks and channelling events, accompanied by question and answer sessions, at the Cairns Spiritual Centre in the near future. On my radar is also perhaps mentoring/advising genuine souls wanting to develop/expand any degree of “gift” that they may have waiting for expression. For those of you who wish to be kept informed you can email me at … or mob. 0427636842 … or keep in contact with the Cairns Spiritual Centre.

The message below was delivered in a bold, if not emphatic manner, designed to awaken and activate those slumbering souls who may or may not be simply coasting along their pathway without doing anything challenging or positively constructive. Times, they are a’changing!


Well good evening everyone. I have returned bringing you another hmm episode in what I consider to be a series of helpful talks, information, to guide you more carefully, more accurately, along your pathway.

From where we are in the realms, we see your planet revolving. We observe your life, revolving. Supposedly evolving. However, all too often, we see repetition, repetition, repetition. For aeons of time, the human race has been continually and constantly repeating old habits day after day, month after month, year after year. We see you spinning within yourself. We see your energy emanations. We observe you spinning within yourself the same as we observe your planet spinning. Little do you realise that what you are putting out from the inside of yourself, spins out, radiates out, and creates your outer world. Now your inner world and your outer world are in constant synchronization. Repetition, repetition, repetition. This has gone on for aeons of time. Now is the time for that to cease. Now is the time for every individual soul to make the choice. Do you want to keep on repeating your life over and over again or do you wish to advance? So many of you souls enter into the birth, life, death, sequence over and over, over and over, over and over. Continually repeating the same lessons. You are continually repeating the same experiences and you are continually making incorrect or unwise decisions which have anchored you, prevented you from going ahead, advancing, evolving.

From where I am I look at your planet and I see the lines, circular, surrounding your planet. From where I am, it appears to be similar to Mercator lines. In each quadrant, there are another one of your lives. Another incarnation. Another opportunity. Apparently, most times it is a wasted opportunity. As the globe of your life spins, I see every quadrant as an exact carbon copy of the previous one. Obviously, that indicates to us in the realms that you are not learning. Maybe you find it difficult to learn. Maybe you refuse to learn. Maybe you choose not to learn. Choices dear one. Choices. Your Choices, not ours. As a result of your inaction, your inability, your lack of desire to tackle the challenges on your pathway, to surmount all those obstacles, and to learn from that lesson and experience. Because of your lack of desire to meet those challenges, your life and your planet are not going ahead as planned. And so as the energies striking the planet, surrounding, permeating, your planet change and alter we see so many of you clinging to the old ways, the old energies, like a marooned sailor clings to flotsam to save himself from drowning. Dear souls some of you are in danger of drowning. Drowning because of your own lassitude. So now, there is a wake up coming. A prod. Quite a fierce one I might add. We see the clouds. We see the clouds of negativity, not decreasing but increasing. We see the clouds of aggression. We see the clouds of violence. We see the clouds of war. And they are accompanied by disease and illnesses. Dear souls, if you wish to get off that merry go round, it is time that you did so for yourself. You come here time and time again to do your own pathway. To do it your way. Not to lean on others. Others cannot do it for you. You walk your own pathway.

So why have I come? It is to give you a wake-up call. It is time now for you to perform a reset of your mind, a reset of your life. A reset of your heart, unless you wish to continue the same old, same old, same old, and sink into the morass of oblivion. It is time for you to wake up. It is time for you to stand up. It is time for you to meet your challenges, your experiences, head on. Face to the wind. Face to the wind. You have nothing to fear. Except for the fear of failure caused by your total inaction. Dear souls, the big wake up is upon you. If you continue to hide in your self imposed dungeon this world is going to come in on top of you and bury you. You must let your light shine. You have the light within you. Allow it to shine. Stop thinking negative. Start thinking positive. Stop acting negatively. Start acting positively. Stop floundering around in the darkness. Tear back the curtain and step into the light. You are Light. You are not that dark, dense, body. That is very temporary. However many of you have chosen to come back into that dark heavy body. You have come back to learn to throw off that overcoat of dark density. You come back here to learn, you can throw it off. You can expose your light. Take that light out there and let it shine.

How do you shine that light? Pretend for a moment that you are one single headlight on high beam. That’s what you are. Light. How do you advance? Shine that light on your future from this moment on. Shine that light so that there is no darkness. So that there is no heaviness. There is no untruth. There is only truth. Your light will expose lies and deceit. Your light will show you the way through the forest of lies, cheating, greed, war, violence. Use your light. You are a light. You are a light in the darkness. Switch your light on PLEASE. Switch it on. Many times we have come from the realms with messages for you. Encouraging you. Giving you hints. Giving you information. Sometimes, we offer you a plan to shine your light. And yet like farmer Brown’s cows, you wander all over the place and end up going back to the dark dungeon that you were in before. And we hear you complaining, we hear you complaining how tough life is, what little you have, your illnesses, your diseases, your aches, your relationships which have collapsed around you. We have come to advise you that where you have been for aeons of time, well you still are there! You still are that. With some exceptions, possibly with many exceptions. But those many exceptions are insignificant when you look at the entire population of your planet.

Dear souls, you are Light Beings, first, foremost, and forever. However, as I have spoken, you have clouded, shrouded your life. Now it is time to step out into the open. Allow your light to shine. Can you think with love and positivity? Can you act with love and positivity? Can your beacon be love and positivity? Are you game? Do you have the courage to stand up and say I am Light? I am unconditional Light. I will shine my Light. Shine my headlight. I will shine unconditional Light on everything that comes into my view. So I would ask you, I would advise you. Switch on your headlight. Throw off the cloak of darkness and negativity. Throw it off. You do not belong in there; it is your challenge to throw it off, to overcome it. Darkness is not you. You are light. I would recommend that you commence, right now, right now on this point in your pathway. I would recommend that you envision yourself as a Being of Light. One of the Shining Ones. Because you can become a Shining One if you throw off the shackles of darkness and negativity. Take a chance. Come out of that dungeon. Step into the light. Know that you are light. Know that you are loved. And that that is the composition of you. The composition of the real you is Love and Light. They are Siamese twins Love and light. And so you individuals are siamese twins energetically. So again, I ask you, throw off the shackles. Come out of that dungeon. Look ahead. Shine your headlight and see how bright and wonderful your pathway could be.

This message today was never meant to be one of pandering to you or coating it with honey. That achieves nothing. If we don’t talk to you in truth, with firmness, assertiveness, you will not listen and take notice. Dear souls, I would like to advise you that we in the realms, the same as you embodied, can grow tired. Tired of having our efforts ignored. Tired of having our words puts aside. Tired of trying to help you to grow. Dear souls, we now need you to do something about it. We now need you to support us. We have supported you over the aeons. We have supported you more than you will ever know. Times can be difficult for us, the same as you. Your planet is now approaching some very tricky and difficult times. We are doing our very best. We are now asking you to come out of the darkness. Come out of the dungeon and do your very best. We will do our bit. You will do your bit. And your planet will become one of Love and Light once again. However, having said that, if you continue to squat in your dungeon we won’t We will continue with the light. To alter everything on your planet so that those deserving souls who wish to come out in the light, shine their light, become Love and Light, we will be there to help them. And those who wish to stay behind in the dungeon of darkness, that’s their choice. So dear souls, choices. Choices. Big things are on the verge of happening. We need your support. So I would ask you. Reset the compass in your mind and thoughts. Reset your compass in your heart. Plot a course that only traverses Love and Light to a destination that is only Love and Light. My name? I have no name. I am the horse with no name. I am the entity with no name. I am energy. Thank you dear ones. God bless you on your pathway. Thank you.

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