Aranuth Speaks: June ’19 What’s happening?

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This planet is comprised of a holo-movement; a holograph: a holistic principle of “undivided wholeness” – everything is in a state of continually “becoming” – it is an interconnected process. We are actually surviving, living, developing, and “becoming” in a “sea of light” which has crystalised into solid matter, thus exists the third dimension. Confusing? Yes, it requires considerable thought to fully grasp the essence of the subject but we won’t bust our brain thinking about it. However, it is the state of “becoming” that we need to fully understand. What are we “becoming”?

We are physically embodied light beings existing on this plane of solid matter, having multiple and diverse experiences, learning important lessons – as per our chosen pathway – that contribute to our overall development and advancement and aids our return to the realms of light as enriched souls. When we think about, consider, why we are enduring so very many life experiences, ups and downs – perceived as good or not so good – so many happenings, so many “what the …?” happenings and changes in our life, we would be best served by simply accepting these changes as part and parcel of our learning/development/advancement pathway and allowing our pathway to unfold as per our carefully conceived individual plan. It can be a bit confusing to our limited brains however, accepting and allowing “what is” as an important aspect of our development; knowing, allowing, and accepting absolutely that our Higher Self, our Guides, and other celestial beings of love and light are guiding us lovingly and very carefully along our pathway, assists us to feel safe as we negotiate life’s ever-changing vagaries.

If we look at things from another aspect we see that there are changes, big changes happening depending upon each individuals level of advancement as we strive for physically embodied enlightenment. So many of us, myself included, have been feeling uncomfortable and out-of-sorts since the changes accelerated. Well, the good news is that we should cease our complaining and grumbling and be more than happy, we should be excited, at the changes taking place in our lives. The changes mean that we are meeting and accepting the challenges as we strive for enlightenment whilst we are still embodied: what is enlightenment? Enlightenment while embodied, is another word for ascension.

I have never felt comfortable with the word ascension because of various peoples interpretation of ascension, preferring instead to use the word transition, simply because when we become enlightened-while-embodied we have simply transitioned to our goal. Once we have achieved the ultimate goal of “embodied enlightenment” then it is “game over”. We can all go home ….. or we can stay here and help install a higher level of consciousness on the planet. Choices.


Well good evening everyone, You are correct. Colours, spinning, different hues, more hues than what you see in your rainbow. (Just before this channelling commenced I was watching colours filling the room) Hues actually have graduations of each colour so if you can imagine your rainbow, anything up to ten to twelve graduations of colour, and you put them all together you would become aware, you would be able to see, the colors that surround you. These colors are not surrounding your entire planet but surrounding portions, parts, of individual geographical locations on earth. These energy colours today pertain strictly to you at this time because we felt it necessary to bring those colours, all those hues and graduations so that we could go across the whole colour light spectrum to make it simpler and easier for you to access the information that we will now bring to you.

The colours that are swirling around you, you will attract to self which colour, which graduation, which portion of that colour that you require to absorb the information that I will shortly be bringing to you. Each colour actually helps you to assimilate and absorb the entire content of this message. Many of the messages that we have brought previously have been absorbed to varying extent by numerous people. Not everyone is capable or able to absorb the total information and full impact of each message. It wasn’t that they deliberately switched off but simply the fact that some of the information contained in the message they could not absorb it, because they could not relate it to any other previous message or understanding. You people, you need that, you need an anchor point to pin it to.

Today we are giving you the opportunity, what you could say to access, to an “open channel” anchor point. What we wish to talk to you about today is, again, your contribution to the energy surrounding your portion of, your location, on the planet. Yes, you are aware, we have spoken to you about sending energy to other parts on earth, and yes indeed it does work, but that is a broad brush stroke. It’s a stroke, that information is a stroke with a broad brush but did not clearly define how that energy is focused and is received in other parts of the world. Now, healers; healers who perform what you consider to be absent or distant healing; healing in a far away location. Healers bring that with them when this come to this planet. They are not always fully aware of how it works, but simply know that it does work.

And now what I wish to talk to you about is your thoughts. Now make no mistake about this, your thoughts have lives. Every thought you have, every word, every action, has power, it has a life of its own. The lives of actions, words, thoughts have power and they vary to the extent that if you focused momentarily on an issue or an object your energy will reach that target. Only for as long as you are focused on it! So, if you wanted to achieve a result in any area you must focus for a longer portion of your time.

So now what we would like to talk to you about is, your thoughts have lives and have, unrecognised by you, positive power. If only you could see the power that your thoughts have you would be immensely surprised. Immensely! Again, the power of your thoughts are directly related to the power of your emotion or your desire that you place upon that thought that you wish to project. And so, firstly, we will talk about your planet. If you continually, or at opportune times, focus positive, loving thoughts on your location, your environment, it will have an effect. The more emotion you put behind that thought the more powerful and more positive the effect. Now if you, at regularly or timed intervals, focus strongly on an issue or an object, and you put emotion behind it, then you give it greater power and the result will be more in line with your thinking, your desire. Now we are not going to confine that simply to your garden, your home, your town, your city; it is good to start here. Look after your own home base. The old saying is “look after your own yard and let others look after theirs”. So you may focus on your home and garden, your community, your town, your city, whatever, and for as long as you send that powerful thought, that powerful positive thought, for it to be effective you have to hold the image of what you wish and what location you want the thought to transit to.

So, for instance, if you have a drought situation which you wish to change, we would advise that you focus very powerfully on the positive. See the grass, the trees, the animals, the water flowing, that is what you wish to achieve. That’s the thought to send out. That’s the thought that you have to empower. You will achieve nothing by seeing a drought affected area over and over again. Holding the vision of that drought affected area and expecting your energy to create anything other than that drought affected area is counter productive. Your thoughts have incredible immense power. So what we suggest you would do if you are looking at an area you wish to improve, change, or alter, such as the drought situation that I just mentioned, well then firstly, you can hold the picture of that drought affected area, then watch that area change before your very eyes. It should change to long green grass, healthy trees, rich streams flowing with an abundance of water. Hold that vision and focus your energy on that vision. That is the desired result. That is what it is you wish to achieve. So don’t focus on a situation as it now stands. Focus on what you want it to be! Now providing it is in order, providing it matches and meets the standards, the parameters, the borders, of what is allowable for that particular time, that particular location, it will have the desired effect. But firstly you must remember this, there are many instances where such a situation, take the drought again, needs to persist for a little longer so that all persons involved in that area may finish, they may finish, conclude, that experience and lesson that they signed up for before they came here. Oh, it is not up to you to change someone else’s chosen lesson plan or pathway. It is up to you to make that pathway much easier. Trafficable. So if you wish to change a situation, you can momentarily envision the situation now, and then watch, observe, the situation change to the positive, loving, beautiful one that you desire it to be. That is the way you create and manifest.

Now we will look at absent-distant healing that we spoke of several moments ago. The same set of rules, you might say those set of rules apply in this situation, so if you are sending, you intend, your intent is to send healing loving energy to an individual who is ill or diseased, or to an area where the population is suffering, you use the same process. You see what the situation is as it stands right now in the present moment, so you can see the present situation, you can hold that momentarily in your mind, and then using the creation and manifestation process watch it change before your eyes. In war-torn area you would see the buildings becoming new, replacement buildings, rubble cleared, the population looking healthy, smiles upon their face, going about their daily business. That is what you want is it not? You wish to see a war-torn area that has suffered badly with bombs and rockets you wish to see those buildings return to their former glory. Maybe some buildings rebuilt as the most modern air-conditioned high rise buildings that are available at present. You would see the population rather than starving and wounded, you would see the population healthy, bright, happy, at ease with their situation.

So now when you are envisioning what you want to see there, you have to put some emotions there as well. Now your emotion is your little booster. It’s your turbocharger. So, you cannot deal with a situation dispassionately and expect that your desire to heal will become effective. You start with intent. You intend for that location, that person, that animal, whatever, you intend for that location, that situation, that person, to be healed. So you see it as it is now and you put your intention out there. Now you have to put heartfelt desired emotion behind the recreative, and I say recreative energy, that you are going to direct to that location. So in the instance of a person suffering from illness, disease, discomfort, you can first envisage that person in their present state. Now in comes your intention, intend for that person to be healed, wholly. You intend for that person to be healed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. There is another aspect to this. It is “providing that it is for that soul’s highest good”. Providing it is for those locations highest good. So your intention is there. Your heartfelt desire is there. So now you visualise how that person or persons would appear if they were entirely healed, happy, and healthy. You visualse that war-torn location, whether be war-torn or the subject of calamity or tragedy, you envision what it could be like in its most beautiful state. And that person in their happy, health,y bright state, so you hold that vision and from your heart, use your heart, pour the emotion of your heart power into the desire of your intent to change that present situation, that person, that situation, that location, whatever it may be. Knowing that providing it is for the highest good of those people, those persons, that location, wherever there is a tragedy, war, oppression. You visualise how wonderful it could be and you empower it with your heart. Your intention, your heart, you must enforce the healing desire completely, emotionally. This is what you desire, you ache for this, for this outcome. The longer you hold that positive image, the longer you can empower that thought, or image, with your emotions which are prompted from the heart, the greater the result will be. At this time, at this time of yours, your time, your planet is heading willy nilly into more problems, more trouble. It will be adversely and badly affected. We do not interfere. We do not interfere. We stand by to help. And of course we send kind, loving, healing thought-energy the same as what you would. That is the extent of what we are allowed to do. That’s the limit. We cannot alter or change anything that we see as detrimental on the pathway of the planet and the people upon it. However like you, that is what we desire, that is what we focus on.

Now I would like to tell you in plain, very plain words. Day to day words. Words in which you can understand. I would like to tell you that you may be all aware of the 1,000 candle effect. For those of you who do not know. One candle in a darkened space has limited light. 100 candles in a darkened space will be the power of one candle magnified 100 times. Now that darkened space is now becoming quite illuminated. If you take the power, the light power, of that one candle and multiply it by 1,000 you now have a magnificent brilliant light. It alters the situation incredibly. I would like to remind you “darkness must recede from light”. Where there is darkness take the light in there, the darkness will recede. It must recede. Coming back to the 1,000 candle effect, if you are sitting on your own focusing healing light and energy you are the equal of one candle. If you have a group of people, of other like-minded souls you have an increased effect. If there are 5 of you multiply the energy by 5. If there are 10 of you, multiply your light energy by 10. Take 1,000 of you, you have the 1000 candle effect. 1,000 lights. 1,000 like thoughts directed at the same target. So, before I say anymore I would like to tell you this. Question? How do you think highly evolved beings, ascended masters, the council of Chohans and others, how do you think we achieve positive alterations to situations to all intentions and purposes that appear lost. They are doomed by the 1000 candle effect. Darkness must recede from the light! We as a group of souls, we as an enlarged group of souls, focus our thoughts, our energy. We all think as one. We all think as one! We direct our energy as one to assist people and locations to heal. That is how we do it in the realms. With great success.

Now then, coming back to you dear souls, how would I recommend that you achieve the results that you want? The same as we do. If you are solo, single, then good. If you have friends around you, good. If you can encourage many others across your nation, across the world to focus healing energy, focus energy for peace, for whatever, you must all have a common goal. You must focus on implementing that common goal in that location, that person, that group of people. So as a simplistic and I must say, you probably already aware, that I am not your usual visiting entity; I am not your usual visiting entity, your communicator or your regular communicator, I am the totality of group energy. I simply speak. I simply speak for 1,000 candles.

So in these are early stages and I will back with more advanced knowledge and information but as you are aware, you cannot start at the top or in the middle. We have to take the first step. You have to take the first step. So dear souls if, if you are intent on taking your planet, your world, back to being a thing of great beauty, a jewel, well, the first step is to start using your thoughts, the power of your thoughts, of the heart, and the emotionally powered thoughts. Proclaim your intent. Not just this time, not just for a few minutes, but many times. As long as it takes. As long as it takes to achieve and resolve. And so before I depart, I would ask you people who are hearing these words, people who are reading these words from this dear soul’s website, I would encourage you to test my theory, my information, my knowledge. See what result you can achieve. That is the first step on your journey. Now I have to say this. The journey is not particularly focused on your pathway, it is focused on your enlightenment and why are you here. You are heading towards enlightenment. That is your goal. Thank you dear souls and good evening. I shall return again. Thank you for hosting me. Good Evening

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