Aranuth Speaks: Pathways & Energy Positivity: August / September 2020

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Sadly, the entire world is held in a vise-like grip of fear and apprehension with the world media continually hyping up the negative aspect of the effects of the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, people are going into either “this is bloody serious” or “this will pass just like every other flu virus” mode. Health authorities publish carefully considered and well-thought-out guidelines which are designed to stem the flow and then eliminate the virus altogether. However, many people are ignoring the advice, leaving confinement early, and spreading the virus by visiting places where many people gather such as sports fields, pubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants etc; health authorities are not without stain either with some being very slow to react. Everyone needs to act responsibly and think and act locally, nationally, and globally, if we want to put this behind us.

The virus does have its original source in animals however, the indications are that the virus was being “weaponised” (biological weapon) when it escaped – by intention or accident, nobody is owning up to it. The effects, however, have been devastating on many national and state economies, not to mention wiping out the family and personal finances of a considerable number of households.

Here in Queensland, Australia, we escaped, got off, (it’s not entirely over yet) reasonably lightly with few deaths and low numbers of infections thanks to fast action by the state government with an infected person lockdown and the sealing of state borders to outsiders who may be carriers. On the Atherton Tablelands where I live zero cases were reported or discovered as far as we are aware.

The next three months leading up to Christmas will be a time of opportunity for physical/emotional/mental/spiritual advancement, personal growth, and enlightenment. That does not mean that you “have to be spiritual to benefit” – not at all. It simply means that now is the opportunity to be still, quiet, open, and be in allowance and acceptance, expressing gratitude and thankfulness for the unending guidance and assistance on your life pathway. It is vitally important to maintain a positive mindset and outlook.

Now that the potent power of the Lions Gate cosmic event has subsided it has left many souls bewildered and feeling “what the ….. was it that just happened”? Wow, I was lifted up, shaken up, and seemingly brought back to earth with a spinning crash landing by the whirlwind of upraised energy over a period of a couple of weeks. Many other souls received similar treatment such as feeling headachy, wobbly, confused, or off-balance according to my phone calls, text messages, and emails received.

Never mind, I kept focused and active during that period with frequent meditations, long walks in nature, long talks with higher beings, client readings and healings, along with an evenings talk followed by a question and answer session at the Cairns Spiritual Centre.

During my whirlwind time I had occasion to write an article on the truth of Karma: for those of you who wish to read the article go to ‘Facebook Malcolm the Medium’ and read it there; subscribe to the site if you would like to keep abreast of what is happening in my regular spiritual life.


Good evening everyone. Good evening to all of you souls everywhere. This evening I have come to provide balance. I have come to you to provide a level of balance to the current wave of negativity and fear that is overwhelming your planet. From where we are we see your planet as being enshrouded with a dark cloud, a very dark cloud of fear and negativity, excepting for some breaks in the cloud for the light to shine on various areas. Not very large. Not large enough. What I have come to you to talk about is the source. The absolute source of this fear and negativity, and the resultant cloud that is now so dense that it provides a barrier between you dear souls incarnate and higher realms. Do you wonder? Do you wonder why you are having difficulty communicating with your guides and other beings from higher realms? Have you pondered that? Hmm. Your immediate source, your immediate source of negativity and fear is of course the virus. The virus is currently overshadowing almost every acre of the surface of your planet. We in the realms understand this. We understand that you are concerned. Why? I pose the question: Why? Why are you concerned? Hmm. I hear you waiting for my answer.

Many times my brothers and I have come through this medium and others to bring you information and knowledge regarding the departing of this planet. Passing over. You are very much aware or should be by now, you should be aware that nothing happens at random. Nothing happens at random on your pathway. Nothing happens on any person’s, any soul’s pathway that is not already planned. So, the virus currently affecting your planet is causing souls to come home. Those souls are not, are not I repeat, are not coming home early. They are not coming home unplanned. It is part of their planned pathway. Always has been. Every soul that departs this planet at any time, under any circumstances, comes home right on time according to their plan. Nothing happens at random! We hear you say, “oh dear, oh dear, this soul has passed over too early”. Nonsense! That soul passed over precisely over on time. They planned it, they transitioned, they’re home. Very rarely, and I mean very rarely, do we have a soul coming home too early or entirely unplanned. However, there are exceptions. They are some exceptions. So now that we have established, and very clearly established, that you come home, every soul comes home, at the precise moment that they planned for.

Now, the shroud of dark negativity and fear that is encircling your planet. How did that come about? It comes about because of your thoughts and your emotions that you emanate. If you are going to entertain negative and fearful thoughts, negative and fearful emotions, what do you think you are doing? Is it fair for me to say you are creating this? You know very well that you create your own reality. Every thought, every word, every deed, of every day, of every moment of your life, creates your reality. So now we are getting to the crux, the kernel, of the matter. It is understandable that souls incarnate may feel fear; fear that they might die and depart this earth. Again, there are no premature deaths, there are no premature departures, there are no premature transitions. Everything is planned precisely and does happen precisely. So, stop thinking about dying. Stop thinking about your family, your loved ones, your friends, stop thinking of any soul incarnate dying and transitioning home to the realms. They are coming home on time. As planned.

But now I would like to take you to another issue, a running mate you might say. Thoughts. Thoughts. I would like you to think about this. If your child is sick, or if you are sick, or there is adversity in your life, many of you will go to prayer. Even if the prayer is not a pre-constructed prayer, more of a thought pattern emanating from your mind: thoughts. You call upon higher beings and they might be in a religious stream, beings such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, or any other, or you might just call to God the Prime Source. “Help! Help me! Give me guidance. Instruct me. Help me through this. Help!” What are you doing? What you are doing is you are composing and creating a thought and putting it ‘out there’. You are putting it out to higher realms, higher beings, praying, begging for help. So, if you receive that help, if you receive that knowledge, that information; if you receive that healing, how did it come about? You created it from here (points to his head) and from here (points to his heart). Your thoughts, backed by the power of your heart, that you send out to the realms. You wish to create a healing or relief from pain, adversity, or whatever.

So now we are talking about thoughts having the power to create. Thoughts are incredibly powerful. Now, when we create with thought power, mind power, if it comes to pass that’s creation, is it not? Is it not you creating and manifesting? You sent the thought out, you wanted to create a healing, you wanted to create a relief. You want to create something and when it does materialise, well there is the manifestation of your original thought. There we have the process. There we have the process of creation and manifestation. At other times I have spoken to you about how to manifest and create things in your life. Create things and outcomes. I have spoken to you about that several times you may remember. You do not need to me to recall that or re-plow that old ground. Your mind, with the power of your heart; with the power of your heart and mind, you send that thought out and you want to create something, and when the creation becomes solid it comes back to you as a manifestation.

So, I would like you to think about this. Not only in your current climate because of this virus that is sweeping your planet, not only because there are wars and aggressions, sickness, but there are also many, many, aspects of life on earth, life on your planet, that you desire or wish to alter or change. So, the power of your mind carrying the desires of the heart that is shot like an arrow out into the realms returns to you as creation, manifestation. So now we have is a double-headed arrow. There is an arrowhead at each end of the shaft. A double-ended sword you may say. What you put out is coming back. What you put out there, if you put enough power behind what you wish to create, it will become manifest. So I say to you again. Watch your thoughts! So if you think a negative or painful, hurtful, thought about your neighbor or any other incarnate being, you are attempting to create hurt and pain for that person. You intend not only to create it, you want it to become manifest! So please do not think that thought! You must not think that thought! If you think thoughts about the hurt, the pain, the poverty, the illnesses, remember what I said, “what you focus on may be coming back to you”. So if you want to, wish to, focus intently on sickness, death, deformity, pestilence, disease; if you want to focus on that, if you want to shoot that arrow out into the realms do you wonder? Do you wonder why your creation comes back to you? It becomes manifest, and it comes back in and strikes you like an arrow. You put it out there, you created it, so it becomes manifest and it is returning home. Have you ever wondered about that?

Have you ever wondered that a lot of the things that happen to you in your life, most good and some not so good, are the results of the power of your thoughts? Thought power is incredibly powerful. Powerful. I ask you to understand this. I ask you to focus on this. I ask you to spend many, many hours in thought, meditation, quietude, whatever. I would want you to consider what you are thinking. What you are entertaining in your mind? I want you to realise that what you have in front of you, in your heart and mind, is a powder keg and you are holding a box of matches. So, think negative, hurtful, and painful thoughts, it goes out, you created it, it becomes manifest….. boom, and you say why me? Why me? Oh my goodness. Why you? Why not you? Why not you indeed. Thoughts: Thoughts; I cannot impress upon you strongly enough. Watch your thoughts. Because that is the creative material. That is the creative clay in your hands. You take that thought, that creative clay, and mould it into what you want, and you wonder why you get it. You wonder why it becomes manifest.

I would like to give you an example that we would call ‘closer to home’. I would like you to think about this. Do you think there are thoughts, have you ever considered what you are actually thinking but not voicing, actioning? Have you ever considered that what you are thinking is heard by others in the realms? Have you thought about that? You may sit quietly, thinking about anything you wish, maybe daydream a little? Well that’s not secretive. That’s not personal because out here in the realms we hear it. We hear it. Ha Ha. We’re not eavesdropping on you. We hear. We know what you are thinking and what you want. We know what makes your body tick. Being a free-will world, being a free-will society, we cannot and will not intervene. You have free-will choice of thoughts. You can choose to think about what you like, you can have a thought scenario and dream whatever you like. That’s free will choice. If you are sending out love, light, compassion, blessings, or understanding, WOW, we respond! Because we see that as a plea. As a plea to the heavens, we see that plea to your higher self and your other higher evolved beings. We hear! As I said, we are not eavesdropping. We are just ‘listening in’. You would be aware that sometimes you think about your guides. You wonder if you are going to help you with something. Help with this, help with that. Respond to this or that request. Hmmm …. Of course we do hear and respond. Of course. The guidance realm is listening in. They are your guides. They are your overseers.

What do you think happens to them when you think hurtful, painful, nasty thoughts? We almost cringe. It is like (ahhhgggghhh) (indicates painful response) We don’t want you to do that. It’s not good for you or your advancement on your pathway. We cannot step in and go ” whoa”, we can’t wipe your mind clear of that. Thoughts, that’s for you. It’s your lesson. It’s your life pathway. We are here in realms to help you, to guide you. All you have to do is ask. Ask. But come to us with an open heart. A clear mind. Stain-free hands. Come to us in that condition. Put your request forward. And we are allowed to respond. To fulfill your request. So, dear souls, I realise that this discourse does have an impact. It was designed to have an impact. If I would have come with honey, kisses, and flowers, it would not have much of an impact on you. You would go away thinking very little of it. So I come to you with a message with impact, with power, accuracy, honesty, truth; I bring it with an impact so that you may feel jolted, jolted into controlling your thoughts. If you stop thinking of fear and negativity it will not become manifest. If you start thinking of the power of Love and the power of the Divine White Light, that is what will become manifest. And that is what is sadly lacking on your planet at present.

From the realms, we don’t need thousands, we need millions, tens of millions of souls to meditate; we would like to see that if they send out kind, helpful, caring, compassionate thoughts then so too it shall be. It will become manifest. And so I thank you for hosting me. I thank you who will read these words. I thank you who will hear these words. And I thank you to those people, those souls who will view this film, listen to my words, and possibly take positive action. Change the way you think. Change your thought pattern and change it now. Right now. Because your planet is on a very fine balance. Try as we might, we are limited. There is such a thing as interference. And there are higher powers than where I am that will stop us from interfering as your planet is one of free will choice. So, choose wisely. Speak wisely. Think wisely. Just remember the power of your thoughts. The creative power. And so dear souls I shall, I shall, one moment ….. There is another soul. There is another being attempting to intrude. This is not the time. This is not the energy stream for that soul. I will send that soul back to its realm with Love.

So I say again, Thank you very much for hosting me, for listening to my words. I have no name. I am another entity in the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness known as the Aranuth. God Bless you all and good evening

*** Within an hour of delivering this message things started to happen as a follow-on from the channelling. At the end of the 30 minute channeled video a woman in a multi-coloured dress attempted to channel a message through me as well however, she could not come through because she could not handle the residual extant power that surrounded the Aranuth communicator. As I went to bed, I clearly heard the woman say “my name is “K….”.  I have withheld her full name for the present.

*** It almost always happens, spirit arrives between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. most mornings to wake me from my slumber, deep or shallow, to bring me a message or perhaps information and knowledge. This time it was quite a bit different. 3-14 a.m. I was awoken by a presence in my bedroom; I knew that it was “K” but could not see her clearly. When I advised “K” that I sensed her but could not “see” her she remarked, “don’t look at me with your physical eyes, view me through your third eye, your minds eye”. Wow, “K” came into view.  A beautiful thirty-ish looking, long raven-haired woman dressed in a fine white cotton blouse and floor-length multi-coloured full skirt.

“K” said that she had wanted to follow the Aranuth communicator with her message but his extant energy was too powerful. “K” said that she would have liked to advise us of the power of using “perception” in addition to the mind-set of “positivity” spoken of by the Aranuth communicator. “K” stated that in every moment it would have magnificent results if everyone would see their life, times, and surroundings, others, everything, as absolutely perfect; glowingly perfect, then our environment and everything around us would change instantly simply because everything in our life, in our world, would appear to us as “absolutely perfect”.  By our changed perception, we would have created and manifested (in our perception, in our eyes) beautiful surroundings and a perfect world.

Please feel free to pass this video and the above statement to others.


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