Aranuth Speaks “Just Be”.

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G’day everyone;


It has been a couple of months since I last wrote simply because the Aranuth community of Higher Beings has not prompted me to write a message from them; most unusual! Having said that I feel that another visit and message from them will be coming shortly.

During the last couple of months I have been experiencing energy blueprint alterations and much-needed changes in my own life. One message that I received very clearly during a group meditation was “we are taking people out of your life”, “we are making changes”, “you will be lonely but, have courage, courage!” Sure enough an unexpected sequence of events unfolded in my life which did shake my life up somewhat however, the events removed people from my life. I will not speculate or judge those happenings instead I’ll simply accept the Guides decision. During the time elapsed between then and now many things have taken on a very different perspective.

The COVID pandemic has certainly caused much havoc and huge changes in several nations and countries to the point where some are now facing individual, corporate, and national bankruptcies. To accompany that many populations the world over are facing displacement, starvation, disease, and death; all this on a planet of bounty and abundance for all. Undoubtedly, as the guides previously forewarned, our planet was in need of a global reset which was has shaken various countries, even the planet itself, to their foundations and exposing the horrid consequences of misused power, absolute greed, and exposure of evil and offensive activities. Humanity’s inhumanity to mankind.

The following is a message that I have written and circulated to numerous interested parties in lieu of a channelled message … sort of “keeping the faith” while we await the coming communication from my guides.

Be , Just Be.

Have you noticed the number of dear souls who are desirous of gaining faster spiritual advancement and upliftment – going from A to Z in one leap – of possessing a “psychic gift”, and feel “less than” if they do not outwardly exhibit some obvious aspect of psychic ability or upraised consciousness? And to accompany that, the number of dear souls who want to teach or train others in various aspects of “Spiritualism”, psychic development, or upraised consciousness whether they are truly knowledgeable and well experienced or not?

Be circumspect about what resonates within you; what you accept as your truth; what is helpful to you on your pathway; sit still and quiet and ask your inner self “what do I feel about this”. Your monkey mind will play tricks on you however your heart will not lie.

My guides recently commented that everyone is walking their pathway – replete with multiples of experiences and lessons, some easy, some difficult – (in concordance with your guides you wrote this life pathway script) and yet every soul is right there where they need to be at this point in time. No soul is lost on the pathway; they may appear to be wobbling around on their path, at a stand-still, at a cross-road and confused about which direction to take, however you are never behind the eight ball or lost, your guides are right there beside you, hearing your call, whispering encouragement, sending you messages of love, pointing the way without breaching your free-will choice.

The answer is to be still, quieten your over-racing, over-active, and constantly worrying mind. You will not be able to recognise or intuit your guides whispered advice and promptings if your mind is in a messy whirl. Choose peace, tranquility, acceptance of “what is”, and allow your pathway to unfold in perfect timing knowing that you are always in safe hands regardless of what your worrying mind cries out. You are being carefully guided on your pathway of experiences and learning, if you will only sit still and quiet in a state of non-critical judgement and allowance of “all that is”.

Our planet is undergoing a dramatic “change of the ages” and the best way to negotiate the minefield that is ‘current affairs’ is to be still and quiet and allow the changes to take place.

Rainbows &Roses,

Peace & Happiness,


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