Aranuth Speaks: “Just do It”; “Enuma Elish”, March 2021

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Of all the venues that I have used to channel messages from higher realms the “Enuma Elish” Spiritual Retreat Yurt is possibly the most stunning and bedazzling. The energy of the rainforest surrounds with its spring-fed creek is only surpassed by the interior of the Yurt decorated with impressive artwork and crystals; the energy has to be experienced to be believed.

The event was a weekend retreat on the occasion of the equinox. The energy on the day was extremely high and very conducive to accommodating beings of love and light from elevated realms. The communicator, who gave no name but was eerily familiar, slipped into my body and energy field easily and smoothly; it was such a gentle super-imposition making it comfortable for me to be the conduit.


Well good evening everyone. Welcome again. Greetings to everyone. How pleasing it is to see you all here, and I am honoured to be here to address you on behalf of the Aranuth Community. This is an honour. So, what we have for you today is quite simple. It is, shall we say, it is meant to be … hmmm … the dialogue will be more of a wake up, wake up, address because you dear souls, you are cruising through life looking at this shallow three-dimensional reality and everything that happens in it to you, and you just accept that at face value. If I may say so, far too many of you are not looking behind the veil, which begs the question. Looking behind the veil to uncover: Who am I? What am I? What am I doing here? What is my purpose on this third dimensional solid matter planet? Game plan? What is the plan? My purpose here?

Do you know that we sit back in the realms and we observe you. We have a smile and a chuckle to ourselves sometimes. You see dear ones, what we are chuckling about is, you are pretending to be asleep, zzzz ha, ha. We know, we know everyone of you, there are no souls who are not known. We know every soul. Not only that, we in the higher realms are in constant communications with your …. hmm .. what you call your Guardian Angels, your Guides, the ones who look after you, watch over you. We are in constant communication with your Guide asking “how you are doing”? How are you doing? “Is everyone still asleep? Are they waking up yet? Have they realised that it is time to stop playing this physical game”? hmm … That not a criticism, that is a fact, it is a fact. Now, from where we are, we see you asleep, but it is beholden on me on this occasion to … hmm … re-awaken you, shall we say, re-awaken you.

Now, if I put this in a chronological order it will make more sense to you. In the realms; Oh dear, in the higher realms, we know you. We know every thing about you; every reincarnation that you have participated in; we know your every lesson, every experience, that you have had in all and every one of those incarnations because we look at your energy. We look at the color of your energy. We look at the shape of your vibration, and we listen to the sound, the symphony, of your vibration. So that’s back home in the realms.

Now before you came here, in concert with higher beings, and I have been fortunate to be selected in concert with those higher beings, you wrote your script for this incarnation. You are the author. You wrote the script with help, with assistance, with oversight. There is always a higher being overseeing what you are planning, what you wish to include in your proposed life script. Now there are times when souls .. hmm … could get a bit carried away and they say, “I’ll do this experience”, and then they say “I’ll also include that experience” and we in the realms have to say whoa, whoa! You are overloading yourself. And conversely we get that soul who says “Okay I’ll go down there for a glide and just swan around”. We say, “no you’re not”! “You are going there, you are going down there, you are going there to experience growth and advancement.” So you, with our advice, are writing the script.

Now in the realms you fully understand before you come here; You fully understand that what you come here for is your mission: It is 1, of experience: 2, of lessons: 3, of creation manifestation. But somewhere among those three items there is awakening. Awakening.! At one point amongst those three will you awaken. To what extent will you awaken? Unfortunately, how unfortunately, masses, masses of people, in this physical reality are seduced. They are seduced by all sorts of things. Now, nothing, absolutely nothing, happens at random in your life. Truly nothing. Everything in your life, the major points, were written by you, created by you, you desired them. You desired them because you need these experiences and lessons to learn and grow. You need to expand so that the accumulated learning, lessons, experience, and knowledge from this and every other incarnation, when you come back to us you come back loaded with soul enrichment. Its like a big pack, a big back-pack loaded with knowledge, information and soul enrichment which makes you a graduate. A graduate. Not just in this reality, you are graduate at home and of this higher reality. Higher reality! So today it was thought that if the Brotherhood sent me on this mission to talk to you I would start with things like; “Okay, are you allowing yourself in this incarnation to be continually seduced by everything that this reality has to offer”? or, “is it time”? “Has the bell in your beingness, has it rung yet”? “What am I doing here”? “Who am I really”? What’s the purpose of all this? It’s to find yourself! It’s to find your true self! Entities like myself come through the veil to remind you. We come to not awaken you but to re-awaken you. Because in all reality you know who and what you really are. And here we are, opening up your mind because the physical game provides you with experience and lessons.

So what is the importance of all this? What importance? The importance of it all is; it is experiences and lessons. The experiences are your challenge. You just don’t break down in tears, you have to look at what confronts you and say “whoa, I wrote this in my script”. “I placed it on my pathway as a learning opportunity”. “I now have a challenge”, “I have an opportunity, and the opportunity is to use all of the creative and manifestation powers at my command, what I have accumulated back in the realms”. “Back there in many other incarnations”. So we watch you, we watch you, and here is the challenge. We are waiting and watching, and we are waiting for you to say, “I am above this, I’ve got it”. “This what I do, I have to get into creation”. “I have to change and alter this”, “I have to use my power to overcome this situation and not let the situation overcome me”. (which happens all too often). So, I would like to remind you. You are the sparks and the flame of the Creator, the Prime Source of “All That Is”. God, you usually call it, that’s okay. Also Primary Source of “All That Is”, and you are a part of that. It is like you are a slice of the source , the “All That Is” cake.

So you have your connection to the Prime Source. You not only have a connection to the Prime Source, you have a connection to many higher beings of other realities, and all you have to do is ask for assistance. Now, how simple is that? Ask! Ask! Ask for what you want. So, the Prime Source isn’t running ahead of you saying “they have this experience and they have this lesson and I’ll solve it for them and this lifetime will be a glide for them”. No. It’s your learning. This is your lesson. Your growth. This is for your soul enrichment. So, everything bar a few minor adjustments, a few diversions on your pathway, everything has been planned by you. Nothing happens at random because it was planned by you. Placed on your pathway by you. And now you confront it, that issue. “How do I handle this? I’ve got it. I’ve got it”. What to do? So what do you do? Sit still. Go within. Open yourself up to receive the knowledge, the information, the guidance. That’s the way forward. As mere humans, I am not being derogatory, as humans, there are challenges that confront you often and sometimes on a daily basis. Now you know, and we know, that you are not going to solve them on a third dimensional level. You need to go to your storehouse of knowledge, information, abilities, capabilities, you have to go deep within. You have to open that channel up and you have to go up through that channel, to the highest point that you can attain, and rummage through all your abilities, capabilities, knowledge, all of your past experiences, “I’ve done this before, This is a snap. Watch me solve this”. And if you cant do this, you ask the higher beings, ask your higher self, ask what you would call your Archangel, the Seraphim, Ascended Masters, whoever you like, Ask them. Ask, Ask, “can I please have some help here please, have some guidance with this, I am listening, I am listening”.

Far too many souls incarnate seem to have pulled this curtain of amnesia across, it’s like pulling this heavy, dark, curtain across blocking out the Light. Unfortunately, they forget to pull it back again and have a look at what’s behind it. So they just let life live them. They don’t live life. Happenings , issues, life’s stumbling blocks, tend to beat them. The name of this game, experiences, lessons, happenings etc is you are here to overcome them. Knowledge, experience, information, you are here to become, to become Allness, Oneness. Yes, you are here for that reason. So, simply put, very simply put, how many souls on this planet at this particular time can sit still, go within, be quiet, and ask the question? Now if you don’t want to ask the question, that’s okay. Simply know this. Look in the mirror and you see a physical being; that’s not you, it’s not you. That’s not you, that’s just the vehicle you get around in. That’s not you at all. What you have to do is sit still and quiet. Still your physical, still this mind, this mental; you have a monkey mind that plays games with you all of the time. You got to get out of that. Sit still and quiet and move out of that physical. Out and up. And once you get into that higher state, then you ask the question. “How do I walk this pathway with dignity, respectfully, positively”? Because once you are free of the restraints of the physical body, you are out there! That’s when you become who you really are. Yes, clap, clap, clap.

You already are your true beingness. You are your true beingness! That’s what it is all about; that is what you are here for. It’s to find your way out of this constant physical life involvement and become your true beingness. Your true beingness. Your highly evolved beingness; and no make no mistake about this, there are human incarnates who are very, very advanced beings here in the physical like you for various reasons. Some reasons are to help fellow incarnates to remember, and to put into operation this information, knowledge, capabilities, and abilities. Some of them are here to change the world. Change your world. And so you look in the mirror and you don’t immediately see that you are part of this changing world, or if you even choose to be a part of it. If you so choose! Now again, look in the mirror. What do you see? A physical being. But you are not that, it is simply your overcoat. The vehicle you get around in. There is your true beingness for you to become part of because if you sit still, sit quiet, shed everything associated with dense physical matter, and become your energy self. Just become your beautiful energy self. Now as that energy being, (within you) you can access higher knowledge, you can access lots of things, and if you have difficulty accessing, just ask the guides, ask the higher beings. Put a name to them. Name tag them (the guides/guarding angel) if you know their name. Just open up and say, “may I have information, may I have guidance and assistance please”. Thank you. That’s what you do. That’s what you do! Ask your guides, keep putting this physical being (your physical self) over there in the back seat and allow your true beingness to get behind the steering wheel.

Now, this is something for you. It’s, … ahhhhh … It’s a project. Yes, a project. Now here is a project for you. I would like you to carry this with you: At present everything that has ever happened to you before this very now moment is behind you. Don’t think about the past; don’t dwell on it; don’t entertain it; don’t go back there. Don’t play old video tapes! don’t re-visit old hurts, old pains, old betrayals. Don’t go back there! It’s done. It’s finished. It’s over. It’s never coming back! You cannot unscramble an egg and put it back into its shell. So from this point on, commence setting out, commencing a new journey as a newly minted being. I would like to see you enter into your true beingness, your soul self, and let your individual, sovereign, light shine. I hear people talking about ‘shine your light’ and most of the time they don’t know what they are talking about. Let their light shine? I can look at each and everyone of you and can see and identify your true light. So people don’t really have to see your light. Your light shines very much from your energy emanation.

Now the project, if you wish to accept, here’s your project. It’s a 3 step.

Step One: every chance that you get, go to your little quiet place in your home, nature, whatever, go to that little quiet place. Sit still. Clear your mind. Just immerse yourself and become your inner beingness; immerse yourself in your real beingness. Real Beingness! Move out and into that energy field. Now we are going to add growth. We are going to add soul enrichment. From that point on what are we going to do? Huh? While we are in that state, we are going to think about service, yes service to the “Allnesss”. You just need to sit there in your normal daily life and acknowledge “I am fortunate”, “I am fortunate”. “There are so many others less fortunate”. “How, do I help the less fortunate?

Step Two. Focus on the people, all of the souls incarnate you know that need a kind word, a helping hand, an arm on the shoulder, a pat on their back. How many people do you know that need a little bit of understanding. huh? Add a large measure of compassion and tolerance. How many souls do you know who need just a little bit of Love. Love and Light? Just maybe Love. Maybe a Hug. Just acknowledge that you know they exist and that they are valued because so many people feel that they are alone and lost in this world. Acknowledge them. It doesn’t take much. A smile, a nod, a “good morning”. So just think about all those people that would benefit from that.

Step three: of the process is – Do It! ha ha ha . Just do it! Do you know someone who is not feeling well, hold their hand, put your arm around their shoulder, make a positive statement. Make a positive statement, something uplifting, say “I’m sure you will get better as you go along”. “There are good things waiting to happen in the future.” Sometimes people just want, some people just want to be acknowledged. You can do it. Do it! Do it! Do it! So instead of you being this physical being taking one sluggish step in front of the other, at the end of the life you say, what was that all about? Start doing it now. That’s what its all about. that’s what it means. So three things. First, sit still, quiet, get out of the physical and get into your true beingness. And if that’s as far it goes, that is good, that’s okay because while you are in that state, you will automatically progress. There are higher beings that stand ready to assist you but if you get into your true beingness and then you ask for help for things in your daily life that need a little bit of upliftment, need positivity, need a bit of light, it will happen, that’s it. Do it.

You are more than capable of it, you have done it many times throughout your many physical incarnations. When you are asleep we lift you up and out, and have a chat with you; we give you guidance, help, advice, did you know that? A simplified method of helping you, it is all about helping you. But before I conclude I would like to remind you of this Ask ! There are many beings in the realm who are waiting there, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for you to ask; we are not allowed to interfere on your pathway without your request. We are not allowed to step in; we can coach you with energy and Love, maybe assist you to solve your problems and deal with your task. But if you would just ask us, ask, get into your true beingness, go up there and ask. Ask and we’ll be there. We’ll be there like the cavalry, we will come rushing in.

Hmm … Well dear souls, it has been wonderful being here with you. Truly wonderful. I have enjoyed myself immensely possibly because I have harassed you a bit, hopefully I’ve awoken you a bit, hopefully I have been of service to you. So what I would like to say is thank you, thank you for having me, I am honoured to have been here as your guest. I have been selected to come to you in this manner and see that whatever I have advised you on this day will be of great benefit to you in daily life. So good evening everyone and thank you for having me.

For those who require assistance, healing, or clarification of life’s issues I am available by email – or – by phone – 61 International – Australia 0427636842. PTSD servicemen and women can be helped.

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