Aranuth Speaks: Positive Creation: Isaiah

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Hello everyone, everywhere;

It has been a while since I posted my last message and in the intervening time much has happened world-wide. Thankfully, the COVID virus here in Queensland, and most other states of Australia, is fading into a non-vexatious issue. Correspondents in other parts of the world advise that the virus is very much alive and still a very serious issue in other nations and states.

On a positive note: things have been happening willy-nilly on the spiritual/esoteric development side of things. More and more spiritually oriented and meditation groups are springing up all over the country and making their presence known. In my neck of the woods (Far North Queensland) there appears to be something of a spiritual awakening transiting through the community. To accompany that, I note several new groups expanding and advertising their meetings and agendas on various social media platforms.

In my orbit there are ever-increasing numbers of people contacting me with stories about “feeling weird” or “spacey”, “feeling tired and lack-lustre”, “inability to cope with this physical, solid matter life”, “the world appearing to be not what it used to be” i.e. altered perspective, heightened awareness of personal perception paradigm. Well, the good news as I see it is that many souls incarnate are now undergoing an ‘awakening’, an upward rise in consciousness … and that has got to be wonderful!

One of the emerging groups where I have been an invited guest is at the Great Barrier Reef coastal community of Port Douglas. Although a new group, a fabulously cohesive, and heightened energy already exists within the group. As a guest at their recent meditation meeting I channelled a message which was very well received; it was also the first time that the group had witnessed a “live fullbody” channelling by a medium. The text of the message is reproduced below. (Note: the video of the channelling will be up on aranuth speaks youtube very soon)

The message:

Well good evening dear souls. Good Evening and welcome to one and all. I thank you for being in attendance, listening, reading, and seeing this communication. In the realms, in my group, my brotherhood, which is the Aranuth, have considered what would be the most appropriate message for your “now”. Something uplifting. Something to give you all hope and joy. Some positivity for you to look forward to. This evening we have chosen creation and manifestation because many, many of you dear souls are totally unaware of the power that you have, the latent power at your disposal, what you can use, what you should use, which I am here on this evening to entreat you. Simplified information that will serve you well, if you so choose; if you so choose to not only adopt but also to use in your life. Name? Hmmnn … I realise, my brotherhood realises, that a lot of incarnates on your planet appear to be somewhat fixated on names. Energy has no name. It just is. However, so that you may distinguish I from others, I shall give you a name. I am Isaiah. Isaiah at your service.

Dear souls, what is the clay, what is the material, what is the process that we use to create? Dear ones, your every thought, your every deed, and every action plays a part in the creation of the situation on your planet. I would like you, Ahhh … I would like you to become intensely aware of the hidden power, that power that is hidden in plain sight within you, and yet most of you choose to ignore that. Wonder why? So do we in the realms.

Now then, it all starts with “thought”. Are you aware that a single thought holds tremendous power? Yes tremendous power, I say to you, because thought is the first stage of creation, which then passes on to actual manifestation. Perhaps you have heard “as you think, so you are”. As you all think, so it is! So here you are, you souls incarnate thinking thoughts that contribute to the situation on your planet. Now, would it not be better if you dear souls incarnate focused your mind on positive and productive thoughts? If you cannot focus positive productive thoughts, with the ultimate outcome of changing and altering your planet, at least , at least, could you please simply think poisitive, productive, joyous, and loving thoughts. Because that is the clay that shapes the issues on your planet. I would like to remind you that the state of your planet in this now moment is the result of the thoughts, the thoughts emanating from the mass consciousness of the entire population of your planet.

Now then, shall we start with something small and simple? hmmm Example: Perhaps you desire a new residence hmmn? So, if you take that desire and put it into thought form, imaginative, very imaginative thought form. Imagine! Imagine that magnificant new residence that you so desire. So you focus, you focus your thoughts powerfully. You focus your thoughts, which are boosted by your imagination, because you imagine what you want, and think about what you are imagining; when you think about what you want it is the first stage of creation. Of bringing things into your life.

Now its not all that simple, however. We can simplify aspects, aspects of it. So, imagine the residence that you so desire. Think about it. Think about that residence that you very much desire. Now feel it. Feel! What does it feel like? Now walk through that residence. Walk through the place in your mind, in your imagination. Enjoy the sensation of joy and wonderment of having it, of it being yours. Now the next step is hold that vision. Hold that imagination. Hold that feeling. ha,ha,ha … and now here is the key. Feel that you already have it! Feel happy! While you are envisioning that residence and the wonderfullness of it, it cheers you up; it feels wonderful doesn’t it? Now put some stronger emotion into it. I love it! I love it! Here, it’s here now! It has become manifest! And then you say “thank you” to the Universe. You say a big thank you to the Universe. Thank you for what I now have. Thank you! So be it.! hmmm. You can do it every day if you like. Everytime, everyday.

We are talking about not just your life but part of all life on this planet. Your own life is not insignificant; what is significant is that you have that power. You have that power to create so many things in your life. What about using that power to create and manifest a beautiful, peaceful, loving, and joyous planet? It’s yours you know. Not for us. It’s yours. It’s your playground. This is where you come to learn, to discover your true beingness, and your true beingness includes creation. You are a part of creation. You didn’t just suddenly appear here. You were created. Possibly many eons ago .. possibly not that many. However, the brotherhood and myself would like you to think about this. You have what you call 24 hours in your cycle. Night and day. Much of that cycle is devoted to sleeping. Much is devoted to working. Some is devoted to playing. Some is devoted to cooking and eating. Some is devoted to enjoyment, entertainment. Somewhere in that 24 hour period can you, will you, set aside, it only takes a few moments of your time, if you were to set aside a few moments of your time to create. Do not under any circumstances focus upon negative aspects of thoughts, dreams, opinions, judgements, or the reality on your third dimensional physical matter planet. Do not focus on the negatives. Do not focus on what you don’t want. Do not focus on war, hatred, hardship, starvation, oppression, depression. Don’t focus on that dear souls because if you have been listening to me by now you will have realised what you focus on, comes into your reality. What you focus on expands exponentially. So focus negativity, hatred and war and what are you going to manifest? I don’t need to tell you that. You already know that.

So what is it advisable for you to do? Simply, look at your world. Your world situation, your local situation, your personal situation. Focus upon it as being a golden opportunity to go within your real self, shake out your powers, your powers of creation and manifestation. So regardless, regardless of what the situation looks like, see only the good. And if there is a situation considered to be not good, then focus on what it can be. Put your positivity, your productivity, put your creative power on what it could be.

So I would suggest that you do not see anything, anything I say, not any single thing as negative, evil, bad, upsetting, ever. Don’t judge. Don’t judge. You have the power to change it. If there are enough of you out there envisioning the planet as it was when it first became manifested. A beautiful, pristine, new planet. That’s where it came from creation and manifestation! That’s where we want you to take it. So, if you want to live in the garden of Eden, shall we say, The Beautiful Garden of Eden you have to think it in. Hmmm Got that? You have think it in. You have to imagine it in. You have to create it in. You have to manifest it in. And then dear souls, you step into it and enjoy your creation. It’s as simple as that. It is as simple as that.

From where we are in the realms we see huge dark clouds of negativity clouding, covering, many parts of your planet. It does not need to be that way. It definitely does not need to be that way. If it was leaves or litter impeding your progress on your garden pathway, or your residence, you would sweep them away; would you not? So if you have clouds of negativity over your planet why not sweep it aside? Why not go in there to those places of negativity, take your manifestation light in there. Your creation light. So, I say again, your thoughts, your thoughts are the clay that you use to create and manifest your reality. Hmm.

And so dear souls, I find that may be sufficient for you right now. But looking at the state, the condition of your planet, and the energies surrounding it, hmnn? Now you can understand how highly evolved beings from the realm that I inhabit are sending as much light, love, and positive energy to your planet as we are allowed to. We must not interfere. We can assist you. We can help you, but only if you call to us. Call to us. Call to the guidance realm. If you do not know who your guide is, the particular individual energy entity that looks after you, just go to the guidance realm. Sit calm, Sit still. Take the time to do that everyday. Call for assistance from the guuidance realm. Ask. Ask!

You have now been given the prodceedure, the process, starting with thoughts, imagination, going to creation, and then manifestation. In the guidance realm, we hear that. We see it. We feel it. We stand there waiting for you to ask.. Please help. Please help to empower the positive and loving thoughts that we are putting out there to return this planet back to original pristine condition. I, Isaiah, will be listening. Call to me if you so wish. I will respond appropriately. So thank you. Thank you for having me in your midst and your reality. Good Evening

The communicator Isaiah was struggling a little spacing his words carefully and trying to keep me at ease … it all worked out nicely without leaving me energy depleted.

Rainbows and Roses, Malcolm.

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