Aranuth Speaks: New Energy of Repair: September 2017

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The seemingly topsy-turvey, unhinged thoughts, feelings, and actions, that somehow range between the illusional and delusional, that are being experienced, radiated, and demonstrated by a great number of souls world-wide is symptomatic of the dramatic effects of the remedial energy flowing to our planet. The reason for the changed energy is explained in the channelled message below.

Aranuth and several other highly evolved guides have been forewarning us for the past few years that if the critical mass of humans populating this earth did not change their attitude, perceptions, thoughts, words, deeds, etc. to one of unconditional love for all of creation, caring and sharing for the planet and every sentient and insentient being and organism on it, the effects of their combined negative and wayward actions would bring on many man-made and natural earth tragedies like we have never seen before. Lately the world has been witness to ongoing fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, terrorism, aggression, and serious sabre rattling all of which is indicative of a world in danger of sliding down that slippery slope to chaos. Genocide and lack of genuine concern for the welfare of refugees appears to be getting out of hand. In some instances refugees are being treated worse than feral pests. We will have to eat the fruit of our combined actions. As you sow … etc. etc.

How heartwarming it is to see some dear souls connecting with, and caring for, animals and wildlife on our planet. Neglected and unwanted animal farms, properties, and refuges are springing up in many states and countries and authorities are finally responding to the plight of animals and putting legislation in place to protect them. Hopefully consumers will use their buying clout to refuse to buy animal products that are the result of intense close-quarters farming such as poultry and pig farming, cattle feed-lotting, fish farming, and other animals in tightly confined and cramped conditions. The consumers ‘power of the purse’ can do tremendous good for our livestock.

Of concern world-wide is the rise in mental health problems such as depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia, and alarmingly, the escalating rate of suicides.  Here in Australia, as well as some other countries, the “R U Okay mate” campaign is fast gathering momentum. “R U Okay mate” is genuine mateship; caring and sharing the load of concerns and worries of daily life with mates, family, friends, and anyone else who requires understanding and assistance. If enough people beat the drum for societal health change perhaps politicians and legislators might awaken to the plight of many. Who knows, they might even do something positive and constructive about the rise in homelessness?


Good Evening dear souls.  Here we are once more.  As usual, when we come, we bring you information that has never been disseminated ever before.  How could it be?  How could the information be imparted or disseminated before the event actually took place?  Took place without any forewarning.  You will all relate to this.  There are a vast number of souls incarnate going through, experiencing, what decades ago they termed the “night terrors”.  The Night Terrors!  Well the night terrors were very real.  Very real in-so-much-as, they were the physical body reliving fears that they held throughout the day and held at bay until the physical, emotional, and mental relaxed.  And then those deeply repressed fears surfaced while the body was at sleep or in an altered state.  Now, we not only have the Night Terrors, but there are so many souls incarnate experiencing what could be honestly termed, “Daily Terrors”.  Day Terrors, which is the same as what you termed the “Night Terrors”.  Amongst the large portion of the population is continual, never ending, state of fear and terrors in-so-much-as so many people, so many souls incarnate, are actually terrified.  They are terrified of many things; everything.  They are terrified and terror-filled day and night, waking state and sleeping and dream state.  So what was once termed the “Night Terrors” has progressed into becoming the “Day Terrors”. they have progressed and evolved to become “Never ending Terrors”.

If you look around you, you will see the reason why people are terrified.  There is no consistency of events, happenings in your world anymore; not by the day or the hour, but by the minute: You observe scenes, horrifying scenes, from across the world, and you feel terrified that they may happen here.  That they may happen to you.  Now it is valid for you to ask, “why”?  Why are we filled with fear?  Why is our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies so filled with abject fear; terror?  Souls incarnate, a great number of them, cannot function any longer.  They attempt to operate.  They attempt to operate as normal or on auto pilot but it is not successful.  Their facade, their facade fools some of the people but souls incarnate cannot fool themselves; they know that they feel insecure and in fear; and in many cases, in terror.  Now, I’ll explain to you how this comes about.  I would like you to envisage your planet, this sphere: now the sphere rotates, rotates, rotates, at a known speed.  Anything incarnate, humans and animals, are in tune with that vibration.  Now I would like you to envisage a transparent energy form that encases your planet.  If you will envisage your planet, your sphere, rotating inside a transparent glass sphere.

What is happening to your planet now is a massive never before predicted change. The energy that is striking, permeating, surrounding, affecting your sphere has been hijacked.  The energy now in your sphere, like that invisible outer skin, has turned the planets energy.  I would like you to listen to this.  It has turned the energy on your planet, on your sphere, totally back to front.  It has done a complete turnaround and now turns and rotates in a 360 degrees circle … in reverse.  So the swirling 360 degree energy rotation of your planet has now reversed.  Why? Have a look at the mess that you have gotten yourself into.  Your sphere and the energy attached to it, going round and round with it, has become totally overwhelmed and neutered;  like a Eunuch.  Because there are those on this planet who care nothing for the planet, the animals, the humans.  So to put it bluntly, you are on a slippery slope going downhill to destruction and annihilation fast.  The Creator does not allow his creation to be annihilated. The Creator has the power to ensure that whatever he creates remains in creation and performs the task that is was designed to do, until such time that the Supreme Creator decides to alter or change otherwise.  Because you are what you term “going to hell in a hand basket”, at a great rate of knots, the Creator has stepped in and you could say, he has flicked the switch and turned you in reverse, 360 degree reversing turn.

Can you imagine going 100 miles per hour and someone flips your car into reverse? It does have a shuddering impact.  It is having a shuddering impact on you incarnates!  All of a sudden you cannot function anymore because you have been quite suddenly thrown into reverse.  It had to happen!  The Creator now wants the population of your planet, your sphere, to reverse the damage that they have done.  Got it? It is back-tracking and healing; healing the harm, healing the planet; that is what is being done.  That is why he threw you in reverse.  He threw the energy into reverse and now everything now has come to a screeching halt.  And it is now backing up, backing up.  It is expected that you will play your part.  It is expected that you will start caring for others.  Caring for your environment.  Caring for your animals.  It is high time that you started to demonstrate Love, Compassion, Tolerance, Caring, Understanding.  It is high time that you threw out the controllers and threw out those who are damaging and harming your planet for greed and power.  The critical mass of your population on your planet has the power to stop it.  The population of your planet has the power to throw everything into reverse; starting with themselves. It is time for you to back-track and start repairing damage and healing the earth.  Negating those people who have assumed and gathered devious power and greed.  It is time that the population of this planet exposed the greedy controllers for what they are.  And then set a course to steer, manned by the population of this planet, to start back-tracking, repairing, renewing, regrowing, nurturing the planet back to the jewel, the original jewel that it once was.  So we, in the realms, have observed this reversal of energy  We have stood there and watched in amazement: in amazement with hopes and good wishes, sending love and light to you people on the planet. You who have damaged the planet.  We are sending love and light to you to help repair and heal the planet.  The planet is there for you to enjoy yourself.  It is not there for you to destroy.  We are asking every soul incarnate to attend to, care for, lovingly care for, the planet and every form of life upon it.  Not forgetting the energy that is infused into trees, bushes, soils, rocks, water.

Now I would like to expand a little.  Most souls incarnate are not aware, or maybe some are partially aware, that your planet of solidity is not solid at all.  Everything is in motion: everything is fluid as the vibration slows and slows and grinds almost to a halt and then things start to clump and solidify.  So when you reverse, when you reverse the energy and the caring and the repairing of your planet, the energy will spin higher and faster and this third dimensional realm will be barely discernible.  Unbeknownst to you, trees, earth, rocks, water, animals are all composed of energy too.  The energy in some of the soul beingness of your trees, your rocks, and your water is dying along with you souls incarnate.  It is becoming erratic, in fear, in terror.  The same as some of you souls incarnate feel.  What you feel and experience, so too does the world around you including trees, rocks, soils, water, etc, etc.  This is what they term “Oneness”.  “Allness”.  Everything, everything is “one”. Oneness.  The energy that you share with others you also share with your plant life, your ecology, your environment, your animals.  There are no separation of energies, there is only one energy and that is “Oneness”.  The energy of Onenes: there is no separation, you are one.  You are at one with the “All”!  And now you see your forests dying because they are being damaged .  See your rivers and lakes polluted because they are damaged, they are sick, they are dying, they are calling out for help.  The calls fall mainly on deaf ears.  The Creator in its wisdom has now thrown it into reverse gear.  The damage has got to stop! and now.  So now we are in energy reverse and we have to back track, and along the way back on your track you need to repair, renew, replant with love with blessings.  That is what is required, not just by the planet, not just by the animals, not just by souls incarnate, but by the “Oneness” of everything.  That is required by the Oneness.

So I would appeal to every soul incarnate, and let me tell you that there are also battalions of souls, discarnates, already working to reverse the damage done to this planet.  So we in the realms, we encourage every soul incarnate, and those souls discarnate who are interested, to stop and start repairing the damage.  Start going about your life in peace and love and the effects of the energy will be reversed and you will find some comfort in the beauty of your planet once more.

I feel I do not need to expand on my words.  I would like to say to the world, the entirety of the world, I would like to say to them “Be in Peace and Love and Harmony with everything that comprises your reality.”  From the realms we will be watching and helping to whatever extent we are allowed to.  But we cannot do it for you.  You will have to do it yourself.

Thank you dear ones.  I will return again and we will discuss progress on this once more. We will;  You will; achieve because you have generations coming behind you and they will understand better than what you already understand.  The new wave of souls coming in are already primed and they know what they have to do.  They know what their mission is.  Yes, you will succeed but it will take generations to do it.  However, I won’t say that it only takes time because there is no such thing as time.  It will happen.

Good evening dear souls, I will return again, and again, to help you along the way.  Thank you.  Good Evening.

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