Aranuth Speaks November 2020; Errone’s Message

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G’day everyone, welcome to my site and the accompanying messages of love, light, and ongoing encouragement – “keep on, keeping on” – from higher evolved beings who are always standing by ready to help … all that we have to do is simply ASK!

Whilst the worlds health and economic situation appears, on the face of it, to be difficult, and possibly even dire in some instances, the messages from the guidance realm are always inspiring and heartening with helpful advice on how to raise our consciousness and negotiate our individually planned life pathway safely. Many souls are reporting an uplift in their outlook and mental attitude with a comfortable degree of allowance, acceptance, and positivity. That is not to say that souls not experiencing any uplift are being left behind or ignored, to each his/her own with their guides carefully directing their development. All is in Divine Order.

Order out of (apparent) chaos: As predicted, the inflow of light is reaching into the farthest and darkest corners of this planet like a raging bull in a china shop exposing the dirty deeds, evil doings, transgressions, and wickedness of big organisations, corporations, institutions, governments, and those shadowy – sometimes not so shadowy – manipulators known as “the glitterati”, and including a few individuals who are now feeling the burn of the intensity of the light. Torch bearers and Lightworkers are making massive inroads, in groups and as individuals, carrying the light into the furthest and darkest corners and recesses of our planet. The universal law is that “Darkness must recede from Light”. We are winning thanks to your help.

The Christmas season is almost upon us and perhaps it is time that religions, religious organisations of all stripes, believers, and others should recognise, respect, and honour the differing beliefs, faiths, theological convictions (or lack of) and opinions of souls world-wide with the knowledge that regardless of beliefs we are all going in the same direction, to enlightenment, albeit taking different pathways.

An advanced soul once clarified it in this way: Picture the world as a large bicycle wheel complete with many, many, shining spokes: the outer rim is composed of the mass of souls, with each spoke representing a pathway to God / the Godhead / the Prime Source / the Monad / Supreme Deity (your choice) etc, with souls incarnate choosing which spoke/pathway to follow to reach their destination. On arrival at, and concluding our journey, we come to find that the hub, the Godhead, reveals that “We are One”, “We are Oneness”, so reach out now to one another without criticism or judgement with love: Love is, all there is … and all there is, is Love.


The communicator, Errone, was apparently a very old – Ancient? – person and spoke with the soft raspy voice of such an elderly soul, his voice overlaid my normal voice causing me to regularly cough and clear my throat.

“Well good evening dear souls. A very good evening. Breathe, Breathe everyone, Breathe. Welcome to this house of light. I am thrilled. I am pleased to be here in attendance to establish an accord with your energies. Breathe yes, Breathe. Yes, how many times , how many times have we said Breathe. The Breath of life. The Breath of Life.! The Breath is life giving, without breath, there is nothing. There is nothing without the breath. So, Breathe, Breathe.

I have come to tell you well done. I have come to encourage you and to tell you to ‘keep on keeping on’. I have come to tell you most importantly in this moment in time, I have come to tell you that it is groups such as this that are now rising in consciousness. They are shedding all of the heaviness of the third dimensional solid matter. Dear souls keep on keeping on. Keep up with your meditation process, not only in groups, but singularly in your own abode. You should attempt to meditate at least daily and not forgetting to breathe for the duration of your meditation. Breathe through meditation and continue to breathe after your meditation. Most important that you Breathe.

Now I have some good news to impart to you. As you are right now, your physicality and your energy beingness in the here and now that is penetrating and surrounding you like a diaphanous veil; this energy and the energy of your soul self surrounding you at this point in time is thinning . Thinning, yes, yes. I used this word before. Diaphanous, see -through; if you are to continue with your meditation practices, accompanied by the breath, you will continue to rise in vibration, singularly or as a group you will rise. As you rise the veil thins so you will now, and into your future, commence seeing through the veil to reality, to what is real. You will leave the thick density of where you are now, that restrictive containment, and you will rise above that, you will shed that 3rd density like a snake sheds its skin. You will continue to shed that skin over and over and over again as you rise and rise and rise.

Now you may not care much for these possibilities however, the reasons I am here with you now is to encourage you, even though you may not be fully aware of your upliftment in energy and your ability to see through the veil. The ability to see what is real in your fellow man. You will look at your fellow man and you will see something different to the image, the facade, that that particular soul incarnate is radiating. They are wearing a mask. A mask. You will soon see through the mask. You will see through the veil. You will sense real truth and I suggest that you be very careful not to be judgemental. Do not judge your fellow human for they are on their pathway too. They have a pathway to walk. They have many, many learning experiences ahead of them the same as you have. However you are not simply fortunate, you are now reaping the result of your continuous advancement and upliftment.

Many of your fellow man, your fellow human, is not yet awake, so if they are not awake, they are not aware. They are not aware! How could they become aware if they are not awake, if they cannot see the truth among the plethora of the lies and deceits that is prevalent on your planet.

I have many brothers and sisters in the realms, who like me, have chosen a group, many of us have chosen groups of honest, diligent, and genuine in their desire to rise in consciousness. Now dear ones, I want to talk you to about consciousness. What is consciousness? Well, on your level you may be conscious of the various things that are happening on your planet. Numerous things that have happened to you and around you. You are conscious of that, every human incarnate has a level of consciousness but it is a lower level consciousness. Shall I explain? Most souls incarnate are conscious to some degree of what is happening to them as a being, to their family, to their friends, to their world. They have a level of consciousness however it is a lower level of consciousness. So being conscious often starts as being conscious of your surroundings and everything that happens in their daily life. It acts like a compass, it is there to guide them on their pathway.

Now, those souls who have genuinely desired to rise in consciousness and who are making a concerted effort to rise and rise again, their consciousness, their upliftment, their upgraded consciousness, allows them to see a great number of things. Many, many things that the basic human being is completely unaware of. So the basic human has their own level of consciousness … dare I say it is a very down-to earth consciousness. Consciousness acts like as a guiding light to steer everyone along their pathway.

Dear souls, many souls are now rising in consciousness which allows them to see the deception, the illusion, the dis-illusion; see all of what is not real. Now dear souls it is important for you to be able to see these things through your raised consciousness. Please do not judge. Do not criticise or judge for everything really is in “Divine Order”. The Prime Source designed everything, and I can say that, with every single breathe that you take the Divine Prime Source is aware of it … because that is the plan. You are part of that plan. Little or large, major or minute, you are part of that plan. So for you, the way forward for you, and the way to discover how beautiful and joyous your pathway could be, if you raise your consciousness to higher levels of beingness and understanding, and you will see truth and the truth will set you free.

And I would say to you again, the first key is the breath of life. Sit still, quiet, breathe gently. The breathe of life will allow you to go within. You are not this body. You are not this human embodiment. You are not this personality or character. You are not even this mind. You are divine energy within that body. So you have an embodiment, and your mind, your ego, which helps you, along with your lower level of consciousness, to negotiate your pathway with limited consciousness to attain a much higher level of consciousness.

You will see, very clearly see, a very different world around you. You will see various other worlds that other people are not aware of; you will start to see other worlds, other realities, other levels, and dear souls, this is the making, this is the making … of higher consciousness.

So dear souls I shall withdraw now, I shall leave you . Ponder my words and ponder them deeply. Remember, you are not this body. You are not this personality or this character, you are not this mind, nor that embodiment. That is only the vehicle that you use on your pathway to upliftment and higher consciousness.

Good evening dear ones. I am Errone. I am Errone … good evening dear souls and thank you.

Rainbows & Roses, Peace & Happiness,

Malcolm the Medium

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