On and On – Energy Fluctuations: Sept /Oct 2020

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You cannot run away from it and you certainly can’t ignore it … the constant, forever ongoing, energy distortions, fluctuations, and upgrades to our physical/mental/emotional/spiritual reality. Included in this energy oscillation is lethargy, tiredness, inertia, and wanting to sleep without actually being able to fall, and stay, asleep. It is all for a very good purpose, (break down the old paradigm to make way for the new) however, sometimes we scratch our heads and wonder “what is going on?” … and “will it ever cease and allow us some respite”? Well, the short answer is no, it will continue to go on, and on, up to and including, infinity; there is no stopping the evolution, advancement, and elating uplifting of our planet.

The COVID-19 virus continues to devastate many countries such as the British Isles, Europe, and especially those countries commonly referred to as “third world countries”. (Fortunately, here in Australia – especially here in Queensland – we trapped it in time before it became too widespread.) To accompany the virus assault there is also economic chaos amid a wave of other viruses, strange illnesses, and confusing symptoms of diseases springing up the world over. The Corona virus issue is completely dominating both national and international news these days. Is there a vaccine or not? Is there a vaccine, with no side effects, in advanced stages of development and ready for release to the public or not? Or are we being fed another line of lies and deceit by politicians, governments, big pharma, and health authorities? Information from the higher realms advises that yes, there are secret cabals, military juntas, power-hungry Illuminati cliques, and puppet masters seeking to gain more control over the wealth and power of the world, who are scheming to produce a vaccine that also contains an ingredient that will make the population more docile, amiable, and easily managed, – dumbed down – … as opposed to the increasing number of souls awakening to the truth, tearing at the matrix, protesting about population manipulation and control, and the greedy covetous of resources of wealth by these cabals to satisfy their cravings for total power, total control, with no consideration about the future of our children, our children’s children, and the destruction of the planet.

Over eons of time the population of so-called ‘advanced societies ‘has moved away from fresh clean air and water, of cultivating and consuming healthy life-giving foods thereby boosting the immune system to combat viruses of every stripe, and has now become reliant upon chemical assisted, produced, and manufactured foods and medicines, often times shunning tried and proven natural remedies. It appears that there are dark cabals, members of the so-called “global elites”, as well as governments around the world – especially in the so-called ‘free world’ – taking advantage of this manufactured virus to impose an increasing number of restrictions, possibly even mandate or force vaccinations on the population to gain tighter control over our lives. My view is that the people will win over the controllers.

The future is ours to create and every soul must choose wisely. If we desire to break through the constrictive and controlling matrix and lift the energy of our realm to a higher level, one of peace, love, happiness, beauty, and abundance we must do the spadework. Perhaps it is time that governments and health authorities moved away from Big Business/Big Pharma/Big Political donors and manipulators, and looked to organic and chemical-free food production and processing, clean water storage, and pollution reduction and elimination to promote good health and strong, healthy, immune systems, and freedom from control and tyranny.

There are very powerful new light codes being beamed onto our planet and it is all for our highest good, and for the highest good of all, with old control systems enforced by governments, military forces, religions, institutions, and the Illuminati crumbling and decaying. And so might it be. Also ongoing is the increasing number of people who are experiencing “warping” in their daily lives: many souls are telling me that they are feeling “wobbly/wonky”, feeling “unstable”, “bump into things”, appear to “warp/swoon” into another reality; see strange things, objects, scenes, that do not exist in this solid-matter reality, and it can be frightening: more evidence that our vibrational level is rising and lifting us to a higher level. Not everyone will experience this phenomenon though. I have experienced a similar thing while driving along the highway; I drove into another very different dimension for a period of approximately twenty to thirty seconds. As I took in the altered scene around me I managed to hold the steering wheel straight while braking to a shuddering stop. A much, much, deeper change and fuller awakening are happening to many people as evidenced by the number reporting experiencing these and other similar changes. Stay safe!

Time as we know it is “slipping”! So very many people have contacted me regarding this time-slip aberration – ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ – in our measurement of time, or nearly, of time /time elapsed. Future time is suddenly here; sufficient time to do everything is abruptly here and now. These are more examples of this planet moving into an altered/state/time dimension where many things will cease to apply in their present form. Also becoming more common is the weird goings-on with technological gadgets and gizmos; the TV, phone, computer, and telecommunications systems. The only way to deal with this is to simply accept and allow the change to take place.

Apologies for not including a channelled message from the higher realms this month; it did not happen for whatever reason, however I feel confident that there will be a message within the next two weeks.

Love and peace.


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