Aranuth Speaks: The Wake up Call, For Your Understanding.

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Wishing everyone a peaceful, happy, and abundant new year.; a year of opportunity for consciousness elevation. The year of 2021 shows promise of being a “cracker”! Will 2021 be a “Cracklin’ Rosie” year? And how will we respond to issues and occurrences?

Guidance is informing me that Gaia still has some furniture to re-arrange, and quite a bit gardening/landscaping, along with some cleansing and tidying up to do yet. These very necessary changes must take place before we get on the glide path to living in a higher and finer frequency. Not all of us will rise to the same level of consciousness; we are all individuals at differing levels of advancement and enlightenment.

The events of 2020, and to a lesser extent the preceding years, has been a time of huge changes – planned and predicted changes – very necessary changes to the entirety of what constitutes our planet. It is still happening; the changes will continue to happen for a little while yet.

Sitting still muttering, stuttering, and complaining about the effect that the change is having in our lives is not the best way to go. We as individuals, and as a world group/population, would be much better served if we assisted the change by accepting “what is” and meditating, dreaming, imagining a wonderful life on this planet of breathtaking beauty. This planet is the result of Great Beings of Love and Light dreaming, imagining, and creating this planet, as well as all of the universes and multiverses – for our benefit – so why don’t we do the same? We create our reality moment by moment so why not assist the necessary changes by dreaming, imagining, and creating a beautiful and pristine planet; returning the planet to a state of bounty and beauty.

Abundance is another thing that we can create if only we would cease focusing upon what we don’t have, and focus more keenly on asking the mighty “I AM”, the “Higher Self”, for what we wish to bring into our lives. Abundance is not simply what is in our purses, wallets, and bank accounts; abundance is the bountifulness of everything that we desire.


*** The following message was delivered by a highly evolved being, Andronicus by name. It appears that when the world population is in need of a blunt wake-up call Andronicus with his emphatic, assertive, “tell-it-like-it-really isstyle, is the one chosen to deliver the message. It is best if we put our judgement (of his presentation, content, and style) in the back seat and listen intently to the underlying importance of the message. Even though on the face of it the message may at first sound negative, if you listen closely you will realise that it is purely and simply a heartfelt wake up call. This wake-up message should be balanced by the numerous other previous messages of love, light, and positivity. This treatise will also be put up on Aranuth Speaks Youtube; please take the time to watch it.


Well good evening everyone: Welcome to another session of Aranuth Speaks; welcome to this house of Light. My name is Andronicus. I have not been here with you for many, many moons. However, here we are back with a most important message to share with you. What I, and the brotherhood, would like to ask you is to place yourself in a space or state of understanding. We would ask you. We would ask of you, will you step outside of your physical body temporarily even though you may find yourself doing it as an imaginative step; take your energy being-ness outside of your physical. Step outside your physical embodiment. Step outside of this physical reality, which in actual fact is a construct, something of a farce. Step outside your reality, your solid matter reality; Your planet is a construct. It was constructed in the realms; it is here for you as a place of learning, a playground, a workshop, for you to re-discover your creative abilities.

Now have a look around at your planet: Aahhh, goodness, without being overly critical, you simply have made a bit of a mess of things here haven’t you? You made a bit of a mess of it. Outside of this physical reality you have an enormous capability to create and manifest; and if you look around you, look at the situation that you have at present, well it is your combined creation, manifested by you individually and certainly collectively. So now, because you have lost your way shall we say, you are stumbling along like a child in darkened hallway looking for Mummy’s bedroom for security and reassurance. Now, what you need to do is get out of that physical, get out of that heavy matter reality, out of the solid physical matter reality, out of that solid matter environment.

Now I ask you to pretend, to imagine, that you want to come and join me out here – I am not in this 3rd dimensional reality – I may be in your mediums energy field and embodiment but I am ‘out here’. So I invite you to step outside, come outside and join me. Now, look back at the entirety of your planet. What do you see. Hmmm? Do not judge. We do not judge or criticise. So we ask you from your new point of view, what do you see? Hmmnn? What you see does not really exist in other dimensions. This what you see is your playground, this is where you make, you break, you create, you manifest again and again. Everything that is happening on your planet is not real. It is simply the game that you play. You are here as advanced beings, advanced beings of light, beings of intelligence, and you are here to confront so very many challenges … and overcome them. Put your creative ability to work, your ‘create and manifest’ abilities to work. Very few of you do. So many souls are not learning, not applying their hidden knowledge and ability.

Now what the brotherhood and myself would ask you to do is to practice one thing. It’s one word. It’s simple. It’s called “understanding”. Understanding! Hmmmm, how simple is that? If you step back, step out of the restrictive solid matter dimension standpoint, come out here with me and look at your planet. Look at everything in its entirety. What is happening on your planet? Hmmnn? Now apply “understanding”. Okay, understand that this doesn’t exist. This reality of solid matter doesn’t really exist. So we slow down the vibration so that all the atoms clump and it becomes solid. That had to be done so that you could come here and play your game. So that you could come here and practice all of your creativity. You can creative, manifest, step into that manifestation and enjoy it. Unfortunately what you are creating and stepping into brings little enjoyment, there is not a lot of joy here.

For some time now you have lost the plot. You have lost it. You come here into this solid matter physical reality, you take on an embodiment, you take on an embodiment because it adds to the experience. So you take on this embodiment, and while you are in this embodiment you play hide and seek with yourself. “I am this magnificent creative being so quickly, I’ll hide from it”. “I’ll pretend that I am not that.” “Let’s all pretend that we are human.” “Let’s create challenges.” “Okay, now, let’s try and recall all of our abilities while we are in this human embodiment.” “Can we confront and overcome this challenge”? Bingo! Well done!

It didn’t happen did it? It didn’t happen! In some instances yes. We even sent beings, we sent highly developed beings, higher consciousness beings, they came into an embodiment to come here, and they … what would you say, aahhh, presented themselves to you as a leader; but you didn’t follow them. Huh? You didn’t listen to them. Hmmnn? You actually executed some of them. We sent them here to help you!!! Hmmm …

Okay, so now understand this. The message we have brought you this evening is this. Understand this 3rd dimensional level isn’t real. This is a construct. It is a construct! So, its like an additional bubble of matter inside a plethora of bubbles, levels, vibrations, realities, that you have no idea of, but you will. You will. You sit back, you have a good look in an attempt to understand “what is this place”? “This construct, why is it here”? It is your playground, your school yard, it’s your place of learning; You are masters, you are highly evolved and very intelligent beings. You are here to test yourself. Are you well aware of how powerful you really are? Or are you falling asleep at the wheel on us? You are supposed to look at everything on this planet and firstly, understand this, we constructed this illusion and it is pristine, beautiful, magnificent; you were supposed to look after it! Did you? Have a look at your pollution. The air, your waters, your oceans, have a look at that. Well did you look after it? Understand that you need to start looking after it.

Everything that is happening, and I mean everything, from the smallest to the largest, it was created by you souls in a human embodiment. So creation or mis-creation. You evaluate, you gauge. Have you created something beautiful or are you living in a mis-creation. You need to understand that this beautiful planet was constructed for you. You came here to virtually hide from your true being-ness and then attempt to rediscover your true being,ness while you are in this restrictive physical embodiment. You are here to face the challenge, creating, creating, and manifesting, etc, so that if you could do it here in this bubble of solid matter then you can do it practicality on any level or anywhere.

As I said before there is a whole plethora of levels. And, you will never get to the outer perimeter or parameter of these levels/realities. They go on and on and on. We asking you to “understand” who you are. We need you to “understand” what you are doing here. You need to “understand” that. You also have to “understand” your creations and manifestations. You have to take responsibility for that. We are not going to do it for you! We are not riding in on a white charger, waving a mighty sword to save you from yourself. You have to save yourself. Yourself!

I am here tonight on behalf of the Brotherhood to give you a little shake up, ha, ha, a little wake-up for you to see what is happening on your planet. You, collectively, can change it in a minute. However, with almost 8 billion souls on your planet now, and counting, there is a task ahead of you. Are you aware that there are twice as many new souls coming in as souls going out? Shall we break that down? The birth rate, incarnation rate, is almost double the death rate. So there are more and more souls taking on an embodiment in this reality, on this planet, and they’re here for the same reason that you are. It’s about time that you started setting the example for them. Start taking responsibility for your creations and mis-creations. It is time for you to look at the whole big picture.

Now, the end game; the end game is very simply this, when enough of you come back home to the realms, and when you look back, what did you do? What did you achieve? Why did you even bother coming here? You may, you may very well, evaluate yourself harshly. That’s for you. That’s for you not for us. What is our job.? It is to watch over you. Help you wherever we can. We are not here to do your journey for you. We are not here to clean up your mess. You have to do that! And the only way is to clean up your mess yourself and come home triumphant … and you will one day. And when you come home will you be happy. When you look back here you will be happy and say “I have done well”. Or maybe you will you say “I made a mess of that”.

Where your world is now it is going through massive changes. More big changes are still to come. Not us in the realms, but Gaia herself has had enough. So, what have you got to look forward to in the future. Hmm? Well let me tell you there’s going to be a lot more tidying up of the planet. Gaia is cleaning house. Cleaning up. She is rearranging, refurbishing the place. She has to get rid of the negativity that surrounds this planet and that adversely affects her. So, you will experience extreme weather conditions, there will be shakes and quakes here and there on the planet. There will be natural disasters coming. Well, natural? It’s unnatural! Gaia shouldn’t have to do that to survive. She is going to throw you off if you don’t get your act together. So, I would suggest no. 1, accept what is happening on your planet because what is happening is the result of the mass thoughts, actions, deeds of every soul that has incarnated here. Gaia has to clean house. Now you can assist by doing positive things. Accept that changes are coming. Try not to judge. Be aware, be sensitive and very aware. Try not to judge negatively. Do your bit. Speak kindly of others. Speak kindly of the ecology, of the flora and the fauna. Bless it. Ask, ask for the planet to be restored to one of pristine beauty. Ask! Do not forget that it is your thoughts that create. It is not ours. It is your thoughts that create and you can create again and change everything in an instant by changing your perception. Changing your thought pattern to a position of Love, Light, and Positivity. Hmm … Is that a mountain too high to climb? You are capable of it, more than capable.

Dear souls, I will say it again. You are highly evolved, highly intelligent, capable, very gifted entities who are creators in your own right. Co-creators. So, do you think it is worth re-creating? It is worth it to you to try creating a wonderful life. A happy life. And enjoy, peace, love and light. Is it worth it? We put the question to you. Each individual soul will have to answer for themselves. So why I am here tonight? I Andronicus have been selected to deliver this message for my assertive stance; You won’t miss the message that I bring ha, ha, ha. So I would ask, I would implore you at least try to “understand” what is happening to you, around you, on your planet. Why it is happening. Who created it. Who can re-create it. Well, you are the Masters. We are the Observers. We point the way. We simply point the way. If you want to follow our promptings, then thank you, bless you. If you do not follow our promptings, that’s for you, that’s for you. We do not judge. But sometimes we shake our heads. Well for intelligent masters sometimes you can act in very, very foolish manner.

And so dear souls, before I come again, and I will, I would like you to make, I would like to suggest, that you make a determined effort to turn this around. Get the negativity out of there (points to the head) and the positivity in there, the Love and the Light in here (points to heart). There it is. There is the simple instructions, the simple recipe for turning this planet around. Simple isn’t it. So I ask you, do you want to follow that recipe? Or do you want to stumble along and make mistakes along the way? You cannot claim to be unaware. How many times have we been here to make you aware? And here I am again prompting your awareness. From the realms we see that you may not be aware, many of you are not aware that we are constantly, not only sending you, but bombarding you, with Love, Light, Joy, Flowers of great beauty which is a representation of our Love for you. We are doing everything that we are allowed to do to assist you on your chosen journey. But you, ultimately are the creator, the co-creator. And so dear souls I feel that I have harassed you sufficiently this evening. Yes, I have harassed you. The world needs it! Ha, ha, ha. So play and create nicely with love and light. I will return. Good Evening dear souls everywhere.

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