Aranuth Mareeba August 20th 2011

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Aranuth Speaks August 20th 2011   The following message was recorded at a private session in Mareeba for the purpose of filming a pilot session that may be uploaded to YouTube in the near future. If successful there may be more future filmed sessions available on YouTube.   Message: Hahahah…ohhh ha,ha,haaa. Well, good evening children, it’s so wonderful to be …

Aranuth Speaks July 29th

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Aranuth Speaks.… 29th July 2011   Comment: Time flies when you’re having fun…..but oh wow, did the cosmic and lunar events come out to play with our already finely balanced personal energies over the month of June…..and then somehow overflowed into this past month of July. From sleepless nights to sleep-filled nights; from days of euphoria to days of skittish, …

Aranuth Speaks June 2011

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Aranuth Speaks June 2011 Aranuth Speaks: June 2011   Comment: It’s that time of the month again – the last Friday of the month. It has come around again rather quickly. Some months are five weeks long and others four. This is a month that I have been looking forward to for several reasons. The month of June has so …

Aranuth Speaks May 2011

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Aranuth Speaks Ravenshoe: May 2011   Comment: Much has happened since posting Aranuth’s last message. Many and varied extreme weather patterns, earth realignments, and tectonic plate shifts and pressure releases have taken place; not to mention the flare up of protest demonstrations across the Arab world. The Palestinian and Israeli conflict remains a matter of world interest whilst the Gaddafi …

Aranuth Speaks April 2011

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Five weeks and yet it seems like ages since I have channelled a message from Aranuth. Well, ‘channelled’ is not entirely correct; Aranuth regularly communicates with me and passes on messages, information, knowledge, and guidance but it has been some time since I publically channelled a message. I look forward to the Ravenshoe venue because it always has beautiful energy which makes it so much easier to bring Aranuth through…..not that I have ever had difficulty channelling Aranuth …..or any other entity for that matter.