Aranuth Speaks: Time and Tide November 2018

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As time and tide changes so too do the experiences, circumstances and issues in our lives. Due to personal health issues – not of great concern – and stressful family issues, I am not in a space sufficiently tranquil enough to reliably bring through a message from highly evolved beings from higher realms so I withdraw from channelling for this …

Aranuth Speaks “Living Simply”: September 2018

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Comment. Well hello and welcome everyone: Here we are deep into September/October and immersed in the changed – once again – energy which is affecting so many people in so many different ways. I have lost count of the number of people contacting me to say “I don’t understand what is happening to me”; “It seems that my life has …

Aranuth Speaks: Bright & Positive Future: August 2018

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Comment: Hello everybody, it is so good to be back with another helpful message from the higher realms. Last month did not happen owing to an ongoing ear problem (hereditary ear problem) which prevented me from being able to focus sufficiently to bring through a clear message. A few dear souls asked why my healing guides did not step in …

Aranuth Speaks: World affairs and health. June 2018

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Comment. Another month has passed and not a lot has changed in our world. The volcano on Big Island continues to spew forth rivers of hot lava inundating hundreds of houses and leaving a great number of people homeless. This lava flow will possibly continue for another year, maybe more, leaving Big Island with a very different landscape. It has …

Aranuth Speaks: Realities. May 2018

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Comment. Several people have contacted me recently commenting that they, or more often than not their teen-aged children, are experiencing long bouts of disinterest, lassitude, and lethargy.  Many state that they have little or no interest in life and simply want to lay around the house with a slothful mental and physical attitude.  Yes, it is part and parcel of …

Aranuth Speaks: Changing Energies: April 2018

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Comment: Where does love and compassion begin? At this particular time in space and place, there are a huge number of people all across the planet who are living under extreme pressure, their very lives and future are on the line with no guarantee of where their next meal is coming from, or that they or their children will still …

Aranuth Speaks: Exodus of Souls: March 2018

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Comment: Welcome to the new readers and followers of this site. You will find plenty of information to cause you to stop and ponder many things. The information contained in these ‘messages from beyond the veil’ may challenge your ages-old ingrained belief system, but then again that is what the messages are meant to do. Regular readers of this site …

Aranuth Speaks February 2018

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Comment: We are now fully embedded in the year of 2018: a year that promises much and many changes. Some of which will be welcomed; some of which will be unwelcome. As usual, I always tend to look at the upbeat and positive aspect; always look on the bright side – except where I need to describe circumstances and situations …

Aranuth Speaks: Truth: January 2018

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Comment: Welcome to 2018, the year of opportunity; not that every other year did not bring golden opportunities, but this year will encourage greater emphasis on peace, allowance, acceptance, truth, and positivity with each and every opportunity: in short, opportunity will be there at every turn: it is up to you to realise it and grab hold of it … …

Merry Christmas

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As the year of 2017 draws to a close I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe, and abundant Christmas and a bright and fulfilling New Year. Aranuth will return with more helpful information and advice mid January 2018. Love and Light: Peace and Happiness: Rainbows and Roses; Malcolm.